11 celebrities with the most enviable stiletto nails

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With celebrities putting as much effort into their nails as they do their outfits these days, we thought it was only right to pay tribute to all their hard work. After all, if they’re going to upload nail pics to Instagram for the world to see, we’re obviously going to take notice.

A no-brainer on the list is the queen of the stiletto nail, miss Lana Del Rey; with her signature pout and Old Hollywood waves, stiletto nails just complete the look. And who could forget Kylie Jenner and her ever-changing style?

Kelly Osbourne has becoming a regular when it comes to showing off her stiletto nails on Instagram, and Fergie is still living up to her Fergalicious rep with always-done nails.

Check out which other celebs love to add a few inches to their tips with gorgeous stiletto nails.

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