Are you punk enough? 10 celebrity half-shaved hairstyles to inspire your next transformation

celebrity half-shaved hairstyle
celebrity half-shaved hairstyle

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Asymmetrical hairstyles of any kind have been making their way around the celebrity pool lately. While the once-punk look used to be reserved for the most hardcore of style-makers, many celebs have proven that half-shaved hairstyles are actually super-wearable. Heck, even Hollywood’s most glam have experimented with the undercut and half-shaved look (looking at you, Scarlett Johannson). With its instant ability to transform someone from glam to edgy, we can see why this risky look is becoming more of a red carpet beauty trend lately. Thinking of new and unexpected ways to change your image? Then you’ve come to the right place. But if you’re not ready to make such a bold move, we’ve still got you covered. From Rosario Dawson’s side-shaved look to Julianne Hough’s faux-undercut, we round up the 10 best celebrity half-shaved hairstyles (real and faux!) to inspire your next transformation.

When it comes to sporting the undercut or the half-shaved hairstyle, there are a few celebs we can name off the top of our heads that have made the look iconic. Cassie was arguably the first to make it her signature look, but we got to hand it to hair chameleon Rihanna who may not have shaved her side so high like Cassie, but has definitely nailed the look (and every look, but we digress). And we can’t forget Brazillian model Alice Dellal who also happens to be a Chanel ambassador. Remember when she was tapped to be the face of Karl Lagerfeld’s Boy? Her hair practically inspired the Pre-Fall collection of that year.

But if you’re like us and you just want to take the look out for a spin for one night, then look to the celebs who have momentarily fooled us into thinking they went for the side buzz. Queen of side-swept hair, Kristen Stewart, has rocked the faux half-shaved look from time to time, from casual events to something more high fashion. Or channel your inner punk like Cara Delevingne at the 2013 Met Gala where she styled tightly woven braids on one side to show off her impressive ear bling. Still don’t think you can pull it off? Think again. At the 2014 Comic-Con to promote her upcoming film Sin City: A Dame To Kill, Jessica Alba played to her alter ego and styled her envious ombre hair in a faux undercut fashion, which consisted of tiny braids along one side and sleek hair tossed over to the other. Working an edgy-meets-ladylike look, we don’t think she could pull off this look any better.