15 celebrity beauty looks that show you the right way to match your makeup to your outfit

15 celebrity beauty looks that will inspire you to match your makeup and outfit »

Not too long ago, the idea of matching your makeup to your outfit seemed like an outdated concept your grandmother would swear by. It existed somewhere along the same wavelength as needing to match your purse to your shoes. Fast forward to today, and head-to-toe monochromatic styles feel fresh and new, as demonstrated by the 15 celebs below.

Call it the Kardashian effect (just kidding; definitely don’t call it that) but whether you’re wearing one solid colour (or different tones of the same colour) from head to toe, or you’re matching your shadow or lipstick to your dress, the streamlined look of keeping things in the same colour family is something we’re really into these days.

From Lorde‘s signature black on black style to the abundance of red lips and red dresses at the 2015 Golden Globes (a la Heidi Klum, Viola Davis and Lena Dunham), matching your makeup to your outfit might just be the easiest way to look instantly polished and put-together.

Then there are the celebrities who choose to go an even bolder route and match their eyeshadow to their threads, to which we would have previously cocked a judgemental eyebrow, but thanks to Nicole Richie and Kristen Stewart, we’re dying to try the look out ourselves.

Browse the gallery below and get inspired by these 15 celebs who are making a serious case for matching your makeup to your outfit.