10 celebrity beauty moments that make glitter eyeshadow seem totally chic

Celebrity beauty - Glitter eyeshadow

We won’t lie—we’re not usually the biggest fans of glitter eyeshadow. It’s really hard to pull off without getting it a) all over your face and b) making it look sophisticated. In our experience, a shimmery shadow can give off the impression you’re off to a party that will either have an inflatable jumping castle, or too many shots of tequila and bandage mini skirts.

It’s also quite rare to see on the red carpet because the bright lights and flash from cameras pick up on every shimmer and sparkle, so most makeup artists choose a matte finish with their clients. However, lately we’ve been spotting some celebrities who just go for it, and the risk is paying off. From Kristen Stewart‘s glitter-topped smoky eye to Dianna Agron‘s subtle, romantic shadow, the look is more versatile than one would think.

Browse through our gallery of 10 celebrity beauty looks that are making us reconsider our stance on glitter eyeshadow.

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