10 Celebs Who Keep It Real By Sharing Their Flaws on Social Media (Acne, Stretch Marks & All)

celebrities sharing flaws
Photography via instagram/brooklynddecker

We’re not ashamed to admit that we take great pleasure in following our favourite celebrities on Instagram. A behind-the-scenes look at Taylor Swift’s star-studded girls night? Double-tap! J.Lo’s exclusive reveal of her award show look? We’ll take it.

But when celebs Insta-wide start embracing the true meaning of #iwokeuplikethis to reveal their “flaws,” stuff gets seriously real. And we have Kim Kardashian to thank for it. Back in 2009, Kim posted a selfie on Twitter of her (pretty bad) sunglasses tan. Later, Megan Fox posted an album on Facebook titled “Things you can’t do with your face when you have Botox,” featuring various selfies showing off her facial lines, in an effort to refute claims she’d had work done.

From there, the trend of celebrities sharing their flaws on social media began. Always one to encourage girls to be themselves, Tyra Banks affirmed “#perfectisboring” and shared a pic of herself wearing low-rise jeans and a makeshift crop top to highlight her “juicy muffin top.” Chrissy Teigen posted a shot of her legs with the caption, “Stretchies say hi!,” while Brooklyn Decker posted a selfie from the most universally unflattering angle, encouraging followers to “count the chins.” And Decker didn’t stop there. The model-turned-actress Instagrammed a selfie wearing face treatment patches with the caption, “Acne-1, Decker-0.”

Other self-confessed blemish battlers include Lorde, who posted a selfie “in Paris with [her] acne cream on” and Diane Kruger whose selfie showed her wearing a face mask, accompanied with the hashtag “#whywontthatpimplegoaway”. Other problems the stars face that prove their humanness? They too suffer from painful, sometimes slightly embarrassing dental work. Miley Cyrus took a selfie while “icing wizzzzdoms and doing a hair treatment” and Mindy Kaling reminded us of our awkward tween selves, posting a selfie wearing her trendy mouthguard.

Flip through the slideshow for all the pics. And remember, the next time you get a pimple, feel better knowing that stars, they get ’em too.