Boot camp diary: Week two

Part two in a four-week series on beauty editor Lesa Hannah’s experience at Best Body Bootcamp (

Monday: Does my belly look like it’s protruding less or am I imagining it? Sadly, I am hallucinating because my pants still dig into the soft flesh that is my pot. On this fine morning, my legs are seriously getting taken to task with a series of lunges, side skates, squats, jumping jacks and calf raises. I expect to be fully sore the next day or thereafter and…nothing? What gives? Don’t even try to tell me I’m not working hard enough.

Wednesday: Doing suicide laps in teams, I can’t help but be reminded of elementary school and how track and field day was fraught with such anxiety for me that one year I faked sick to avoid the torture of participating. Thankfully there are no ribbons being handed out today. While Mike demos our next set of exercises, some dude on a scooter whizzes by yelling “Get a life! Get a life! Get a life!” Three times, just to be sure we hear and understand him.

Friday: Small class today. Some people are obviously starting the weekend early. To work our arms and shoulders, we do various curls and pulls then work our chest and back by doing rows with our resistance bands. Abs also get some serious play. Mike makes us do a roll into standing position. This involves rolling backwards onto our mats, raising our legs high into the air so that our butts come up, and then using our momentum and abdominals to “explode” back up, as he explains. I can assure you nothing detonated in my stomach region. Not even a spark. He promises us that by the end of the four weeks we’ll be able do this no problem. I’m holding him to that. We also do walking planks and hold ourselves in a banana position. I eat a cookie later, and wonder if I undid all my work.

Check back next Thursday for week three of Lesa’s boot camp exploits.


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