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Beyoncé, J.Lo and Kim’s Facialist Told Us How The Stars Get Their Glow

When Louise Deschamps compliments your skin’s texture and says you have a glow, you do not dismiss it. As the medical aesthetician at Dr. Harold Lancer’s practice in Beverly Hills for the last 15 years, she treats all of the dermatologist’s ultra famous patients and have you seen their skin? Um, she knows what she’s talking about. So much so, that Kim Kardashian practically lives with her, apparently. Last week she visited Toronto’s Lac Beauty to train the staff on the product line and we got some time to grill her on how she treats the skin of her famous clients. Spoiler alert: it’s all about exfoliation.

How do you give your clients the glow?
Well, if somebody is getting ready for a red carpet it will usually start months before, say 2-3 months, depending on their skin situation. And then what we do is prep the skin with the Method (Dr. Lancer’s three step skincare routine) so that we can start doing treatments like lasers, oxygen, LED, microdermabrasion. And then we will do some peeling on the skin and in order to peel the skin, we can use some of the Younger products from Dr. Lancer’s office. So once we prep and peel the skin, then we can nourish, hydrate and plump it up. So kind of a three phase. That’s why I say three months because everybody is different, people travel, people are busy. If Beyoncé is getting ready for a tour, it’s more than one event. So I’ll have her come maybe every week or every two weeks and prepare every week until the event. We custom make the treatment for them.

What can you tell us about what you do to Jennifer Lopez? She looks incredible.
What I can tell you about Jennifer Lopez is that she uses the products at home. So what we do on her, we do the same thing as everybody else. She uses the Dr. Lancer Method and she is a natural beauty. She does not do a million things to her face. She keeps a very, very healthy lifestyle and uses products at home and that’s All. She. Needs.

That can’t be it. Do you use lasers? LED?

It’s just a standard facial?

What’s the one thing you always have to explain to your clients?
People will ask ‘I can exfoliate every day’? They can’t understand that. This is the hardest message to get through to them. You want to polish every day, you want to remove the dead skin without being too aggressive or too invasive. You want to stimulate it every day. Dr. Lancer’s Polish is chemical and physical. It has fruit enzymes and brings oxygen to your skin. That’s why you get that radiance right away.

So that J. Lo glow is just from exfoliating? That’s it?
Yes, once a day. Morning or night.

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