Photography courtesy of Glow Recipe

It’s July, So We’ve Officially Hit Peak Facial Mist Season

Tsst, tsst, tsst. That's the sound that accompanies the wondrous feel of a fine veil of freshening moisture falling onto your face.

You’ve probably had your most skincare-obsessed friend preach to you on more than one occasion about the importance of sunscreen, alpha hydroxy acids, or a good Vitamin C serum, but face mists? These multi-tasking skin-boosters don’t tend to get the praise they really deserve. But once heat wave season hits, the sensation of misting something cool all over your face makes them worth toting around. Since we live in an age of glow-chasing—where glass skin is the ideal and it’s no longer uncommon to layer several products to get that coveted C-shaped orb from brow bone to cheek bone—face mists do the double duty of delivering a dose of hydration while giving you an all-over glow, without the need for an extra layer of makeup.

Whether you’re on an airplane, in the office hitting that 3pm slump or out for a mid-afternoon walk, here are the spritzes you can count on to give your skin a boost this summer.