The 5 best concealers that treat your acne while hiding it

best concealers acne
Photography by Peter Stigter

Maybe it was that four-cheese pizza you ate last night, or perhaps (as Cher Horowitz would say) it’s because you’re “riding the crimson wave,” but whatever the reason, zits happen. And no matter how old we get, or how frequently they pop up, they don’t get any easier to handle.

Ideally, we’d confront every red beamer head-on: Stay at our home base with a glob of zit cream plopped over the unsightly spot until it disappeared. Unfortunately, that’s not possible. Instead, we have to dab on a touch of concealer, head out the door and give the uninvited guest a tour of the city. But of course, concealing a pimple does nothing to fix the problem. It merely tones down the redness to prevent people from asking “God, what happened to your face?” (Thanks, Dad.)

Well, good news! There are plenty of products on the market now that make it possible to conceal and heal pimples at the same time. Flip through the slideshow for five of the best products made for covering and demolishing your zits while you work.

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