Paris Fashion Week Beauty Trends 2022
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The Best Beauty Looks from Paris Fashion Week

Including wet hair, facial piercings and braids.

In a surprise twist, the beauty trends out of Paris Fashion Week were arguably the month’s most pared down of all. Instead of delivering over the top glam, the city of lights’ message for fall entailed various levels of chic undress when it came to hair and makeup.

Bare faces were taken a step further with seemingly not a speck of eye makeup (save for a strong brow) at shows such as Loewe, Elie Saab, Chloé and Balmain. The look was paired with the part of the moment (flat down the middle) at several shows, including Courrèges, Louis Vuitton and Acne Studios.

If depending so heavily on a fine-toothed comb doesn’t appeal, the wet looks we saw in Milan continued at Sacai and Valentino, ensuring nary a blowdry is necessary. Ann Demeulemeester, Elie Saab, and Isabel Marant even served up bedhead hair as a very undone option, complete with windswept and wispy baby hairs. At the latter presentation, it was the day old, dented texture that took centre stage (dry shampoo not required), while the wild, unkempt look spotted at Cecilie Bahnsen was accompanied by a sprinkling of messy braids — similar to those you may have tried sleeping in in hopes of achieving a wavy texture come morning.

Braids were also seen at Christian Dior, where models’ hairlines were subtly embellished and fitted with a metallic headband, and at Rochas, which featured long, braid-like twists.

For makeup lovers that just can’t imagine facing what is usually the year’s most polished season without dipping into their makeup bags, boldly hued panda eyes that bordered on punk popped up in bright pink at Valentino, purple at Saint Laurent and a dark, inverted cat-eye shape at Rochas. Finally, the rebellious tone rang true in the form of lip piercing-like cuffs at Balmain and piercing-like studs on lips, cheeks and foreheads at Givenchy.

Paris Fashion Week Fall 2022 beauty trends

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