10 beauty products to cheer you up when it’s miserable outside

Look outside right now. It’s raining. It’s windy. It’s going to snow later, but I’m too scared to check because I don’t think any of us are ready to turn ourselves over to winter yet. Bottom line: it’s the tail end of November, and we’re all suffering because of it. Worse? This is only just the beginning, and within weeks we’ll have cocooned permanently into our homes, refusing to face the cold (and I mean cold) light of day.

Which is fine. Frankly, going out is overrated, and if you can be cozy at home, why would you venture out into the dark, empty abyss? Exactly. So on nights when you opt out of socializing outside of your home, here are 10 cheery (or, cheerier-than-outside) beauty products to pass the time with.

beauty products to cheer you up

1. Animal masks

We’ve seen Korean face masks before, but we’ve never seen them like this. Instead of the traditional look (uh, white), the geniuses behind one of the year’s biggest trends added a little something by making each mask look like an animal. Meaning: when you put one of them on, you will also look like an animal. You’re welcome, Instagram.

Korean Face Masks: Animal Edition ($20, gmarket.co.kr)

2. Attention-seeking fingers and toes

The beauty of staying in during the winter is that you have an abundance of time. And time is exactly what you’ll need to complete two full manicures and two full pedicures, courtesy of this set that includes the materials needed for each. Whether you choose to add nail art is up to you.

Formula X: The Power Couples, Mani/Pedi Duos ($48, sephora.com)

beauty products to cheer you up

3. Make your own fragrance

The option of going to a store and buying perfume is always available, but listen: we’re all more exciting than that. This is why Unique Fragrance both intrigues and scares us. Sure, you can choose almost any scent to create something special just for you — but computers still lack the technology to smell scents through a screen, making this the beauty equivalent of Russian Roulette. (So: do you feel lucky?)

Unique Fragrance: Make Your Own Perfume ($79-$189, uniquefragrance.com)

4. Get your beauty sleep

The most important winter past time is a long, beautiful nap, which is why Sephora’s answer to While You Were Sleeping is a necessary step in the winter skincare regimen. Also, it’s an excuse not to go outside because rest is essential while indulging in a kit centered around just that. Apologies to all friends whose birthday parties you’ll be missing.

Sephora Favorites: Beauty Sleep ($38, at Sephora)

beauty products to cheer you up

5. Erase pores forever

A lot happens with our skin from now until eternity (or until the spring, whichever comes first), and since ex-communicating ourselves from the outside world entirely is a no-go (unless you’re a freelance writer — hi!), you might as well face it with perfect and/or invisible pores. Honestly, it’s the least our skin can do for us.

Benefit Cosmetics Operation Pore-Proof Kit ($44, sephora.com)

6. Temporary tattoos 

Real tattoos are expensive, and painful, and are also not guaranteed to be something you’ll like in six months from now. But gold temporary tattoos? The fastest way to add a little brightness to our dim, sad winter realities — as well as the fastest way to make conversation with people at work, outside the familiar realm of “It’s cold today.”

Sephora Collection: Shine Beautifully Metallic Gold Temporary Tattoos ($13, sephora.com)

beauty products to cheer you up

7. Shine bright like a diamond

Everybody knows that glitter is the answer to wanting to drift off into the lake thanks to winter’s unyielding wrath. But thanks be to Sephora, whose all-purpose glitter spray allows you to add it to your makeup, body, and even hair. Alternate solution? Pick up hair wax and some old-fashioned glitter and combine them before running the mixture through your hair and/or to your part. And no amount of snow or wind can take it away from you.

Sephora Collection Iridescent Holographic Glitter Spray ($13, sephora.com)

8. Paint your way to a brighter pout

We’ve been singing the praises of dark lips and brown lips and matte, nineties makeup for as long as we’ve all been alive, but let’s face it: few things create a lively contrast like bright pink lips and white snow and/or the background of our dark, grey Canadian winters. (There is no in-between.) Plus, you can take the tone right into spring and summer with you, making this an actual investment (you’re welcome).

M.A.C Look In A Box, Kit/Fashion Lover ($36, maccosmetics.ca)

beauty products to cheer you up

9. Remember to exfoliate

It’s hard to make time for anything in the midst of summer-induced FOMO, but since summer’s gone, it’s our skin’s time to shine (literally). Now, all have more than enough time to exfoliate and take care of our skin, eventually leaving it glowing, soft, and all other words associated with “damn girl, you look good.”

Clarisonic: Smart Profile Set ($299, sephora.com)

10. Soak your way smooth

Say it with me: “Ah, I actually can’t make it tonight, I’m taking my Egyptian Milk and Honey Bath.”

The Body Shop: Egyptian Milk and Honey Bath ($20, thebodyshop.ca)