The Beauty Products You Need in Your Gym Bag to go From Sweaty Mess to Presentable Human

New year, new you, right? With resolutions weighing heavily on our minds and morning routines, it’s only normal that we flock to the gym to get our grooves back. From endless holiday dinners to eating your way through a decadent milk chocolate advent calendar, our bodies have seen better days. And while we can certainly hide under heavy blanket scarves and knee-length parkas until the sun decides to shine, it’s still important to go that extra mile.

Of course with warmer weather around the corner, which means wearing less and going out more, it’s time to, as they say, create your summer body in the winter. Whether you’re into drill sergeant-style boot camps or you prefer a casual uphill walk on the treadmill, we’re almost positive that you’ll leave feeling like a better version of yourself, no matter what.

With that, we’d like to bring your gym bag into 2016 with a bevy of products that will not only nourish your body from head to toe, but will also leave you with the most sought-after gym bag in the place.

Start pampering your pores and learn to leave the gym with a better glow than you walked in with. A more refreshed complexion is around the corner, and while we may not be psychics, we can tell that this will be your year. Toss out your tired products and say hello to a future of feeling and looking fantastic.

gym beauty products Anthony

Look better and certainly smell better with this skin-healthy deodorant. Free of alcohol and aluminum, your dry winter skin will feel nourished all the while less sticky after an intense session with your trainer. Bonus, this allergy and dermatologist tested odor-eater is infused with herbal and botanical extracts to help deodorize, and calendula to calm inflammation. Say goodbye to sudden stinging and staining, as this all-skin types savvy buy is just what the doctor, or rather your cashmere athleisure shirt, ordered.

Anthony Alcohol Free Deodorant ($20,

gym beauty products Sephora

It’s all in the name! Post-workout, every pore and hair on your body is never looking or feeling its best, but thanks to this cure-all shower caddy staple, your skin is now saved. This three-in-one formula can deliver a powerful clean all the while remaining gentle and effective. Say goodbye to those questionable green soaps that brew in dismal dispensers in the change room shower, and say hello to a product that won’t leave your skin looking and feeling like a weathered bathroom tile. This cruelty-free option will definitely do the job, and do it well.

Sephora Do-it-All Shower Gel ($13,

gym beauty products Elizabeth And James

What was life like prior to our most major advancements, like the internet or dry shampoo? With a slew of volume boosting, grease-absorbing and instant shower in a bottle promises, many dry shampoos fail to ever live up to their expectations. Luckily, our hair wishes have come true thanks to this otherworldly product. From the sensational smell, to the always-does-the-trick formula, our strands instantly feel more sophisticated with every use. The formula is also fortified with proteins that encourage strength and shine, rose root extract for added antioxidant protection and pro-vitamin B to help sustain your stands. So if you are headed into the office after your mid-day boxing class, make sure to work this spray into your hair for instant life and lift.

Elizabeth And James Nirvana Black Dry Shampoo ($18,

gym beauty products Amika

If you’re planning on heading out for drinks after your workout, or you simply popped out of the office over lunch, your mane now has the ability to look magnificent despite the beads of sweat that will almost always cramp your style. While many change rooms come equipped with styling products, this small but mighty heat tool warms up to 400°F in under a minute, and can be transported from your gym bag to your purse with little to no effort. The ceramic element emits infrared heat allowing moisture to get locked in, all the while protecting your hair from any added damage you will most likely incur. Simply run the iron over the bits that require the most help, and voila, no one will ever know you just endured the most physically demanding barre workout of your life.

Amika Mighty Mini Downtown Styler ($36,

gym beauty products Cinema Secrets

Keep that post-workout glow alive and well with this mother of all mists. This all-in-one and oil-free primer hydrates and heals your skin all the while balancing and refreshing your complexion. Power-packed with glycerin and sodium PCA, this formula also infused with aloe vera and green leaf which will help to calm, soften and improve your glow. Bring back that radiance without masking your face with foundations and the like. Remember to keep your skin routine light after your workouts, especially if you’re skipping a shower.

Cinema Secrets Moisture Spray + Hydrating Mist ($32,

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