10 Beauty Tips I Picked Up By Watching K-Pop Boy Group Music Videos

If you’re curious about what’s trending in the K-beauty scene, you don’t need to purchase a plane ticket to Seoul to find out (although it’s a trip I do recommend you take in this lifetime). Since K-pop plays such a big role in the South Korean culture, K-pop music videos are where many of the beauty messages take off and become staples. Who doesn’t want to copy the beauty trends in a K-pop video? (Hello, I even had a $1,000 hair makeover to prove it.) However, as of late, I’ve been particularly drawn to K-pop’s boy groups for some unexpected and refreshing beauty inspo.

While boy groups’ makeup in the past have only featured eyeliner and BB cream, in recent years, these flower boys (which is what pretty boys are called in Asia) have upped the ante with looks that put even my makeup game to shame. Case in point: BTS and Exo, arguably two of K-pop’s biggest boy groups at the moment, released fresh new albums and they’ve been slaying both the music charts and the beauty scene. Coordinating with the album Love Yourself: Her’s theme, BTS members debuted all-new rainbow hair colours (and maybe their SPF cushion compacts?) in the latest “DNA” single. Meanwhile, Exo played up their eyes for their futuristic single “Power,” which featured everything from glitter-flecked lids to dual-tone eyeshadows to tripled-winged eyeliner.

Although we’ve seen versions of these looks on the ladies, seeing them on male counterparts goes to show that many of these K-beauty trends are universal. And while not all South Korean men are walking around the streets with pink lipstick and eyeliner, genderless makeup is real in South Korea, in case you still had any doubt.

Below are 10 beauty tips I picked up by watching K-pop boy group music videos.