Beauty Fix: 5 subtle changes to your makeup routine that will make a huge difference

I have dark, thick brows. How can I give my brows more dimension?
If you’re not lacking in the brow department, consider yourself the envy of anyone who is impatiently growing out their thin arches. Thick brows are a blessing, but they can almost appear heavy or too dominant on one’s face if they’re very dark and dense. To break up the heaviness, try using a shade of brow gel lighter than you’d normally consider. With such an experimental look, pick up a drugstore brow gel like the new Maybelline Eyestudio Brow Drama ($12, at drugstores) to play with brow texture and colour to give your brows a bit more variety and definition. This formula will give your brows colour, hold and volume at a very wallet-friendly price point.

My sensitive skin seems to like micellar cleansers, but they’re not exactly convenient to use on the go. What else can I use to cleanse my skin without irritating it?
Micellar cleansing waters are incredibly gentle on skin, making them excellent for all skin types, especially anyone that has sensitive skin. That being said, they aren’t always easy to travel with or use on the go since they’re very fluid. The good news is one of the most popular micellar cleansing waters is now available in face wipe form! Bioderma Sensibio H2O Face Wipes ($15, Shoppers Drug Mart) give your skin the same gentle cleansing effect as the micellar cleansing water, but with the portability and convenience of a face wipe. These soft, alcohol-free, soap-free wipes are sure to become a staple in your travel or gym bag.

How can I ease myself into wearing more blush?
It sounds like blush is intimidating for you, and that’s understandable. Who hasn’t been in a makeup artist’s seat post-blush application and found themselves unrecognizable due to a heavy hand? Blush is a difficult thing to apply well so that it appears effortless and as though you’re actually blushing. Start with a small amount of an easy-to-wear shade, such as Joe Fresh Shimmer Powder Blush in “Radiant Rosette” ($6, Loblaws). This shade of pink isn’t too bright and it has a very fine, soft shimmer that reflects light in a low-key manner, making it flattering and multitasking, serving as a highlighter and blush in one. Tip: Always start with a small amount of blush on your brush, as it’s always easier to build up colour on skin than it is to remove colour once it’s been applied.

How can I firm the skin on my neck?
As we approach Turkey Day, jowls somehow end up being top of mind and we become more acutely aware of neck skin and whether it’s as firm as it once was. Rodial is already well-known for its Glamtox range that focuses on firming skin for a more toned appearance, and the latest addition to this range is the new Rodial Glamtox Neck Mask ($65,, which takes a very focused approach to increasing neck skin’s elasticity and reducing sagging. These neck masks (8 per pack!) are doused in a formula containing wheat proteins to tighten skin, as well as amino acids to smooth and hydrate the area. Simply apply for 20-30 minutes and massage the residue from the mask into skin after. Easy!

What kind of brush should I buy to use with cream and powder face makeup?
It used to be the case that these two very different textures required different brushes: synthetic brushes for cream or liquid textures and natural hair bristle brushes for powder products. Technology has come a long way, and that’s evident in Tweezerman’s new Brush IQ makeup brush range. The brushes feature bristles made of synthetic filaments that mimic the texture of animal hair bristles without the potential for irritating skin. If you’re in the market for a face brush, Tweezerman Brush IQ Finishing Contour Brush ($60, is the ultimate angled duo-fibre brush for applying foundation, setting powder, bronzer or blush, whether you’re dealing with a liquid, cream, powder or gel formula.