Beauty Fix: How to get flawless legs, your new favourite sunscreen and more summer beauty prep advice

Beauty Fix
Beauty Fix

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I love under-eye concealer, but I’m worried about the reverse raccoon look showing up in photos. Help?
The most common culprit of the dreaded reverse raccoon look is a concealer that’s light-reflective. Sure, it’s great for bouncing light into the darker undereye area, but less so in flash photography as it can reflect back the light in a pretty extreme way. A more natural finish is your best bet to skirt this issue. Instead, try a satin finish, like Marc Jacobs Beauty Re(Marc)able Full Cover Concealer ($38, This conceraler will provide you with coverage that looks just as flattering in photos as it does in person and the formula is nourishing for skin, containing shea butter and coconut extract. Bonus: the pinky-peach undertones of the concealer act as a brightener and concealer in one, giving you a two-in-one effect in a single product.

I can’t stand the feeling of normal sunscreen! It’s enough to make me actively avoid applying it. Do I have other options? 
Years ago, I would gently urge you to get over your aversion to the feeling of sunscreen on your skin because it’s beyond essential to protecting your skin from UV damage on a daily basis. Now, I can simply direct you to a different formulation, as there have been some pretty remarkable advancements in the sunscreen realm. Grab L’Oréal Sublime Sun Silky Sheer Ultra-Light SPF 50 Mousse ($18, and apply liberally, because you’ll barely be able to notice the feel of this sunscreen on your skin. The mousse texture, which contains vitamin E and grapeseed extract, absorbs quickly and leaves behind only a delectable scent and a non-greasy, water-resistant finish.

My legs are ghostly pale, but I want to start showing some skin. Is self-tanner the only option when it comes to giving my legs a less stark appearance?
If you don’t feel like blinding those around you with your paleness and self-tanning may seem a bit too high maintenance, a product to reach for is Sally Hansen Airbrush Legs Lotion ($12, at drugstores). Simply apply a dollop of this tinted formula to your legs and blend out to instantly blur imperfections (veins, freckles, minor scarring—whatever your hang-ups may be) giving your legs an even tone with a smooth finish that’s water and transfer resistant. This lotion comes in four shades and is a winner for wedding season and any event that you want to show a little leg for—it’s especially handy when summer seems to be arriving at a glacial pace. Tip: exfoliate prior to application and use a bit of moisturizer on inherently drier areas, such as knees, before applying this tinted wonder lotion for best results.

No matter how long I scrub for, it seems like there’s always makeup left on my face. What gives?
It’s a frustrating thing to wash your face, grab a towel and see remnants of makeup on said towel. Not a good look, especially since that leftover makeup or dirt and debris from the day can cause breakouts if it remains on your skin. Swap out your current cleanser for Bioré Deep Pore Charcoal Cleanser ($10, at drugstores). The blackened formula transforms into a white foam when it hits water and that’s when the charcoal action really kicks in, drawing out dirt, impurities and oil without disrupting your skin’s natural lipid barrier. High efficacy and a sound price point for a product you reach for on a daily basis will cement this cleanser’s spot on your vanity.

Is there anything out there that diminishes the appearance of cellulite?
This is an age-old question that loops in minds everywhere once warm weather rolls around. While the general truth of this situation is that nothing can eliminate cellulite, its appearance can certainly be diminished. That’s right, no need to despair! If you really want to battle the bumpy appearance of your upper legs, consider enlisting a body serum to do the job. Soap & Glory Sit Tight Intense XS ($38, at Shoppers Drug Mart) contains caffeine, xymeninic acid and a peptide blend that help firm skin for a smoother appearance, especially in conjunction with the massaging rollerball applicator. The massaging action is essential to creating a smoother appearance for your skin and consistent use is key for results, so keep at it for smoother skin.