5 airplane beauty tips that will ensure you look great by the time you land (no, really)

How flying was once seen as a glam occasion, we’ll never understand. From having to dump all of your belongings in a bin and walk shoelessly through security (ugh), to enduring smelly washrooms the size of a cupboard, airplanes don’t exactly have high class written all over them. And from a beauty standpoint, they’re even worse.

There’s the recycled cabin air that turns any glowing complexion into its neglected evil twin, the nylon headrests that excel at matting down your mane. And then there are the crying babies, armrest hogs and flight attendants who have no problem ripping off your limbs with the drink trolley, all of which ensure you leave the flight as irritable and miserable as possible.

While we can’t do anything about the last three, in order to make the most out of your trip, you could greatly benefit from looking fresh-faced, effortlessly coiffed and cheerfully ready to take on your day upon arrival. Seriously. It’s totally possible!

From a carry-on-friendly hydrating spray to an invigorating hair refresher, we have five products that will make it look like you skipped the plane and just teleported to your destination. All you have to do is fight the guy next to you for the armrest, spritz a little, rub a little, and you’re ready to explore the city.

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