Afternoon beauty fix: Think your concealer is concealing something from you?

How am I supposed to know which concealer to buy if no tester is available and the product is wrapped in plastic?
I almost feel sorry for concealer—it’s relied on for many unglamorous jobs, including hiding dark circles, brightening your eyes, covering blemishes, and highlighting high points. Since concealer isn’t a one-trick pony it shouldn’t be a one-shade pony either. Let me explain: your skin tone and texture changes so often throughout the year that investing in a single product wouldn’t offer a comprehensive solution to all the problems listed above. It’s all about managing expectations, you know? Packaging can get in the way, sure, but the product descriptions should help guide you along. Laura Mercier Secret Camouflage ($55, at Holt Renfrew) has a name that correctly insinuates it will help cover imperfections and dark circles—it also comes with two pigment pans that you blend together to find the best shade. RMS Un Cover-Up ($36, will even skin tone while illuminating so your finished makeup will look especially natural. Utilizing a variety of options will cover all the concealer bases, and you won’t have to worry about selecting and investing in one perfect shade!

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