Afternoon beauty fix: Tea tree oil can be your callus cure

I began lifting free-weights at the gym and, as nice as my biceps have become, the palms of my hands look and feel fairly rough. How can I get some softness back?
The first thing we’d recommend would be purchasing yourself a pair of fingerless gloves (just pretend you’re Karl Lagerfeld!) to create a barrier between the padded parts of your hands and the cold hard steel of those 10 lb weights. If the soft spots beneath your fingers have begun to develop calluses, try treating them immediately post-workout with Thursday Plantation Liquid Filled Cotton Tips ($8, at drugstores). The individually packed tips contain tea tree oil to prevent infection—easily picked up in sweaty gym settings—and aloe vera to sooth and soften rough spots. (For a more intense callus removal regime, treat each spot thee times a day. You can also try massaging in a mix of pure tea tree oil and olive oil.) Follow with a hand cream of your choice and, our personal post-gym favourite, a long hot steam bath.

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