Afternoon beauty fix: Is vitamin C something you should add to your skincare regime?

I’ve been hearing about vitamin C and its skincare benefits a lot recently. Is this a bandwagon I should jump on?
Your body doesn’t produce vitamin C on its own, which is why your mom always told you to eat plenty of fruits and veggies—they have lots of it, and it fends off the evils of a flu or cold. What you may not know is that your intake of vitamin C also contributes to the well-being of your skin in two major ways: by preventing environmental damage and by promoting collagen production to minimize signs of aging. Vitamin C is a stimulant, so it’s not something to slather on if you have sensitive skin, but, if you don’t then slather away! You’ll find it fairly easy to work vitamin C into your beauty regime because it’s flexible and can be used in a variety of ways. Elizabeth Grant Vitamin C Toning Lotion ($18, is perfect for brightening your complexion while cleansing, whereas The Body Shop Energising Face Spritz ($18 at The Body Shop) can be spritzed over makeup to awaken dull skin half-way through the day. Or try it on your lips: Maybelline Baby Lips ($5 at drugstores) has 5 per cent vitamin C to prevent lips from drying and cracking, plus a tinge of tint and SPF 15.

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