Afternoon beauty fix: Avoid those annoying red bumps that show up post-wax

I wax at home because it’s more economical—for both my time and money! However, is there anything I can do to minimize the little bumps that show up after the job is done?
When you wax at home you must exercise extra caution with cleanliness—as you know, the bikini area’s an exceptionally sensitive area to irritate. To help minimize the little red bumps that pop up post-wax, take a mild anti-inflammatory (like Aspirin) an hour or so beforehand—it’ll tackle waxing pain but also reduce any swelling surrounding the hair follicle. My weapon-of-choice would be individual strips, like Nair Brazilian Spa Clay Hair Removal wax strips ($9, at drugstores), quite simply because you use them once and then toss them out, which is essential in minimizing the threat of infection. Plus, they have mango and shea butter to nourish your freshly exposed skin and come with little towelettes to gently wipe any lingering wax or bacteria away. In the days after your wax, keep the area moisturized and exfoliated—a good trick is to slough off any dead skin before you shower, with help from a natural bristled brush. Post-shower, slather on some Vitamin E oil, such a Jamieson 100% Pure Vitamin E oil ($14, at drugstores) and you’ll stay bump free. Good luck!

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