Afternoon beauty fix: A few ways to heal (and hide!) broken capillaries

I thought congested pores were the cause of a red patchy bit of skin between my eyes and nose—but it turns out they’re actually broken capillaries. What can I do to help them heal?
Broken capillaries pop up a little more frequently in the winter because they’re caused by exposing skin to extreme temperatures—hot and cold—as well as nose-blowing and other aggressors, like exfoliation. But, hey, it’s not your fault you like a steaming hot shower, have a perpetual cold, or wear glasses that rest on the skin between your eyes. Laser therapy is by far your most expensive fix for little red spider veins, but there are less costly alternatives that also happen to be natural. To start, indulge frequently in giant steaming pots of chamomile tea—its calming qualities will ease inflamed capillaries and heal their busted extremities so no more blood can escape. Applying an essential oil to the affected area will reduce redness and soften the brittle-ness of capillaries beneath the surface—meaning they can heal. You can use individual oils from chamomile, peppermint, and rose, or choose a blend with Pure + Simple Rejuvenating face oil ($30,, which has organic geranium essential oil to heal, organic jojoba to moisturize, and organic avocado to nourish. Finally, go in with the big guns and apply Vitamin K, which will work to dissipate the collection of escaped blood beneath your skin until the redness goes away. Even better, conceal it at the same time with It Cosmetics Bye Bye Under Eye concealer ($29,, which is fortified with Vitamin K and concentrated pigment, serving up immediate gratification and long-term success in your battle against the spiders.

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