Afternoon beauty fix: A few scents for sensitive skin

What’s the best perfume for sensitive skin? I’m typically reactive but don’t want to give up my love for fragrances!
Non-synthetic fragrances are not necessarily a new phenomenon, though they’re more difficult for perfumers to develop into a sophisticated scent, not to mention more expensive to experiment with. Selection has been limited in the past, but consumers’ recent distaste for chemicals—plus an increasing demand for deeply personal and unique auras—have helped give rise to natural, apothecary-style perfumes of late… and they’re awesome. Perhaps the first natural perfumerie to grab our attention was Jo Malone, whose “Amber and Lavender” cologne ($85 at Holt Renfrew) has warmed many a winter day and night with spicy anise top notes and clean floral base. The scent lingers long after it’s been applied. Speaking of warm, perfumer Olivia Giacobetti at Honoré de Prés infused rum and bourbon into her new natural fragrance called “Vamp à NY” ($84,, an homage to the sights and (better of the bunch) scents she harvested from the streets of New York City. Both Giacobetti and Honoré de Prés are new members of the Natural Perfumers Guild, meaning that her perfumes will be sweet redemption for your skin.

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