5 thoughts on Katy Perry’s new peachy-pink bob (and makeup to match!)

Photo by JB Lacroix/WireImage
Photo by JB Lacroix/WireImag

    1. Is this colour finally it? Since tweeting way back in July that it was going to take many weeks (and dye jobs) to achieve her next choice of hair colour, Katy Perry has gone from black to badly bleached blonde to Manic Panic pink. Is this pastel peachy-pink hair she debuted at Saturday’s Change Begins Within Benefit Celebration in Los Angeles the final shade, or just another stage of Perry’s ever-evolving hair colour?

    2. This fresh-faced look really works for her. Sure, Perry’s still wearing more makeup than the average person, but considering her usual routine, this bronze smoky eye and barely-there lip is a very natural look for the singer.

    3. The roots… Normally we cringe at the sight of such blatant roots on blonde hair but here it seems to signal that Perry’s actually concerned about the health of her hair—by not following the Gwen Stefani method of bleaching every 12 hours. (We also assume Perry’s new bob was born out of breakage necessity.) But is it too much to ask for her colourist and publicist to work together to schedule touch-ups the day before a red carpet event?

    4. Her eyebrows: please discuss. While they’re well groomed, not over plucked, and an appropriate shade of dark blonde, we find them incredibly distracting. Why?

    5. No more nail art? Even Perry’s manicure is subdued—but we hope this plain peachy shade (which, don’t get us wrong, is actually quite flattering) is just a one-time thing. Nothing makes a red carpet interesting like bedazzled nails and custom Minx prints.

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