5-minute summer beauty

Summer is all about hot weather, humidity and having better places to be than in front of the mirror, so we’re always happy to have a few tricks up our sleeve for creating quick, polished beauty looks. L’Oréal Paris’ official makeup artist, Eddie Maleterre, and official hair artist and colourist, Eric Del Monaco, took us through this easy routine:

Makeup: Summer comes full circuit with electric eyes and attention-grabbing lips.

1. Apply a light coverage powder foundation such as L’Oréal Paris Bare Naturale Gentle Mineral Foundation ($19, at drugstores).

2. Put some colour on your eyes. “I know Canadian women are very shy with colours,” says Maleterre of the wide range of palettes on the market. “But it’s really time.” He recommends blending two colours, such as a dark violet and a bright pink.

3. Highlight cheeks using a neutral eye shadow and add just a touch of pink blush for colour.

4. Finally, let your lips steal the show with a sleek hot pink popping gloss. Try L’Oréal Paris Colour Juice Sheer Juicy Lipgloss ($9, at drugstores) in “Tutti Frutti.”

Hair: A few minutes with a curling iron is all it takes for a relaxed look that’s fit for a day at the office.

1. Start by spraying your hair with a strong hairspray. Try L’Oréal Paris Elnett ($15, at Shoppers Drug Mart in August).

2. In small sections, twist your hair around a hot curling iron, curling only from mid-shaft to end (in other words, don’t go all the way to the root). You can even leave a few pieces straight–your aim is a less-than-perfect-look.

3. Flip your head over and back up for extra volume.

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