16 reasons why we still love nail art

Spring nail art trends
Photography courtesy Move Slightly

There’s some debate right now as to whether nail art is still thriving as one of the biggest cosmetic trends. One one hand (see what we did there?) new nail art polishes, products and tools are being released almost every single day. On the other, when it comes to runways and red carpets, we didn’t see as many nail art designs this season as we have in the past. Whatever the trend, we’re still in love with nail art and it seems like most of the internet is too. Read on for some of the best tutorials and news stories that we’ve come across this week—and see how long you can resist reaching for a bottle of nail polish.

Spring nail art trends
Photography courtesy Move Slightly
16. More than reason enough to still love nail art: This Prada Spring 2013 design is simply sublime [Move Slightly]

Spring nail art trends - The Beauty Department
15. And there are so many variations possible with needlepoint nail art! [The Beauty Department]

Fall 2013 nail art
Photography courtesy Bella Sugar
14. These top 25 nail art look from the Fall 2013 fashion shows are sure to inspire [BellaSugar]

Cup of Jo watercolour nail art
13. How can you not want to try this watercolour nail art? [Cup of Jo]

Revlon nail art
Photography courtesy Polish You Pretty
12. You’ll love these amazing nail art collabs between Toronto’s Leeanne Colley and Revlon [Polish You Pretty]

Spring nail art trends
11. You can’t deny that gold-plated nail charms make nail art even better [U Need A Manicure]

red carpet nail trends
10. Because the E! mani cam needs to come back next season! [E! Online]

Photography courtesy Madeline Poole
9. See also: Everything that LA-based manicurist Madeline Poole does [Madeline Poole]

Passover nail art
8. Thanks to a crafty Rabbi in NYC, Torah-inspired nail art works as a teaching tool [Buzzfeed]

Spring nail art
7. You can celebrate International Women’s Day with this feminist-inspired nail art design [xoVain]

Spring nail trends
Photography courtesy the Huffington Post
6. Because there are endless ways to modify the half-moon manicure [Huffington Post]

Polish You Pretty pizza nail art
Photography courtesy Polish You Pretty
5. Two words: Pizza nails [Polish You Pretty]

Spring nail trends
Photography courtesy Refinery 29
4. Considering women spent $768 Million on nail polish last year, some amazing nail art better come out of it! [Refinery 29]

Tips Nail Bar couture nails
Image courtesy Tips Nail Bar
3. While we may not be able to afford a Spring 2013 couture creation, we can afford to get a couture-inspired manicure [Tips Nail Bar]

Spring nail art trends
Photography courtesy Globe & Mail
2. Nail art is, after all, the new unapologetic emblem of femininity [Globe & Mail]

Grumpy Cat nail art
1. Even Grumpy Cat can get excited about nail art [YouTube]