Winter Essentials 2013

It can be hard to get through winter. From finding the stylish outwear that’s still functional (read: warm jackets and waterproof boots) to avoiding dry, chapped skin, there’s a lot to consider during the colder months. While some people love the brisk weather and others stay indoors as much as possible, we’re here to help you ride out the cold—and sometimes nasty—temperatures with our ultimate guide to winter essentials.

Whether you’re walking to and from the office or spending a day hitting the slopes, staying comfortable and dry is key. Of course, it also helps if you look more like a stylish ski bunny and less like an overstuffed marshmallow! That’s why we’ve rounded up a list of warm jackets and waterproof boots that are both cozy and on-trend. Outerwear is essential to get through winter and when it’s stylish, it’s definitely the key to enjoying the season.

After stocking up on warm jackets and waterproof boots, you also need to make sure that the weather doesn’t destroy your precious purchases. Luckily, we’ve found an inventive product to help your boots to stay salt stain free as well as other tricks for adding an extra level of protection to waterproof boots. And of course, don’t forget a hat or toque to protect your ears as well as a sleek gloves for braving the elements.

While dressing warmly is an obvious winter must, it’s also crucial to protect your skin and hair. Brisk weather and out-of-control heaters are always to blame for dry skin this time of year. But it’s possible to make it through the season without the itch and discomfort. Our winter essentials guide includes skincare and haircare products to keep you hydrated: goodbye dry skin! At the same time, if you’re spending so much time indoors, why not treat yourself with an at-home spa treatment? We share the best at-home splurges, including masks, peels and soothing soaks. Nothing like a little rest and relaxation to get through winter!