For a woman, everything starts with her hair. Hair is an important part of a woman’s femininity. We appreciate the importance of great looking hair, how it empowers and gives a woman the confidence to be herself, to enjoy life and to reach for the stars.

Now, let’s hear your hair confession and talk hair confidence…

Want healthy, fuller hair?

Viviscal Maximum Strength is a groundbreaking supplement for women and men experiencing thinning hair. It supplies vital nutrients to nourish hair and promotes existing hair growth from within.

– 100% Drug Free

– Efficacy proven by 5 worldwide scientific studies

– Key active ingredients in Viviscal Maximum:

       – Exclusive and Patented AminoMar C Marine Complex which provides the
         essential proteins needed to nourish thinning hair and encourage growth of          existing hair

       – Horsetail Extract, an organic form of silica which increases the strength of the hair          and revitalizes lifeless hair

       – Fortified with Vitamin C derived from the Acerola Cherry (one of the richest          sources of Vitamin C available)