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You know that the summer wedding season has officially begun when wedding invitations fill your mailbox and wedding photos dominate your social media feeds. Even if you’re not the bride (or bridesmaid), attending a wedding still requires an awful lot of planning. From finding a date to deciding how to do your hair and makeup to figuring out what to wear to a wedding—there’s a lot riding on just one day. But don’t fret: our summer wedding guide is here to help!

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Though getting ready for a wedding may feel daunting, it’s the perfect excuse to experiment with spring fashion trends, try a new hairstyle or, at the very least, buy a new pair of dancing shoes. To help you decide what to wear to a wedding, we’ve compiled some top-notch wedding style guides. If you have a dress code to follow, turn to our street style-inspired shopping guide. From what to wear to a country wedding to choosing a dress for a black-tie affair, we have you covered. (Even better, every pick takes a cue from some of the best street style photos of the season.) If buying a new dress isn’t in your budget, the Style Panel offers great tips on how to make something you may already own (or borrow from a friend) look special enough for a big event.

We know the bride and groom will be documenting everything at their wedding, and that includes pictures of all the lovely guests—yourself included! But instead of getting nervous by the onslaught of cameras, change up your beauty routine and ensure you look your best. We share 10 romantic hair and makeup looks that are ideal for wedding guests—though DIY brides may want to take note! And if you’ve always wanted to know how to photograph well, our step-by-step tutorial takes you through key makeup tricks that will make you look your best on camera. (File that one away for any time you’re attending a big event!)

One last thing to remember: It’s certainly a faux pas to steal the bride’s spotlight on her special night, but with the help of our wedding guide, there is no doubt you’ll be the second prettiest lady in attendance! [/expand]