Style Panel: 6 stylish outfits that are as perfect for your bike as they are for your desk

Today’s Style Panel goes out to all those cyclists, walkers, hikers and joggers who prefer taking to the streets as a form of commute during summer’s glory days. Love the fresh air but hate showing up to work a sweaty mess? We’re here to help with 6 stylish outfits that are sweat/desk approved including submissions from the panel’s latest members, Danielle Roche and Isabel Slone!

Question 13: What’s the best way to dress for a sweaty summer commute? Read the answers now! »


Danielle Roche, 20
Toronto | Kastor and Pollux

Because I reside in a suburban wasteland without a drivers license, walking is one of my main ways of getting around. Whenever travelling though, I make sure that comfortable shoes are my primary concern; mainly because running full throttle for buses in platform shoes is embarrassing (if running for the bus wasn’t mortifying enough to begin with), but also because my internship, part-time job and school don’t really call for crazy shoes. Plus, practicality and comfort will always overrule fancy footwear, no matter how extensive my collection is.

Alex Grant, 25
Toronto via Vancouver | To Vogue or Bust

I bike to work literally every day on my trusty Mojito (a hybrid cruiser so named because of its mint colour), so working some bike-friendly functionality into my day-to-day style is nothing new to me. While shorts or skinnies are an obvious choice, my absolute favourite biking options are circle or A-line cuts. By keeping them well above the knee, the hemlines steer clear of ugly (and impossible to remove) grease stains while also offering the added bonus of being super breezy, femme and roomy! A cross-body bag, flats and helmet-resistant hair are stylish but practical, and (of course) I normally wear a helmet. Given my love of aggressively weaving in and out of traffic coupled with my need for speed (sorry, had to), a helmet is an absolute must.

Alex’s wearing: Dress, Foster Bay. Flats and bag, H&M. Belt, vintage. Bike, Trek.

Isabel Slone, 22
Toronto | Hipster Musings

I am way too much of a wiener to bike in the big city, so I always end up walking everywhere. With all the walking I do, it is imperative for me to wear comfortable shoes, and in the summertime they often end up being -gasp- Birkenstocks! While the German sandals are like fashion anthrax to some, I quite like the feeling of not wanting to pass out from heel pains at the end of the day, so I go for the arch support. It also gets really hot walking in the summertime, so I like to bare my legs in skirts or shorts. These linen trouser shorts I’m wearing are from American Apparel.

Photography by Katie Henderson

Maybe it’s just me, but biking in heels (low heels, calm down) is easier than biking in flats. When I head to my painting internship, I throw on my summer uniform- crop top and shorts- and a baseball hat to keep the sun out of my eyes. A little pattern is usually not enough for me, so you’d most likely catch me in mixed prints and a hint of leather. Art supplies and PS1 in my wicker basket and I’m good to go!

Wearing: Top and shorts, vintage. PS1, Proenza Schouler. Shoes, Dolce Vita. Hat, H&M.

Jen Tam, 23
Vancouver | Her Waise Choice

Although you never see it in blog photos, I’m almost always in flats for my journey and I carry my heels in a canvas bag for when I get to my destination. I also like to wear cross-body purses while I’m getting somewhere, both for comfort as well as added security. I am a big fan of bags that can be held more than one way; this one doubles as a dressier clutch and I can also store my flats in it once I’ve arrived.

Jen’s wearing: Blouse, YesStyle. Shorts T.Babaton at Aritzia. Clutch, MICHAEL Michael Kors. Sunglasses, House of Harlow 1960. Flats, Stuart Weitzman. Heels, Zara.

Lolitta Dandoy, 32
Montreal | Fashion Is Everywhere

In Montreal, the Bixi system is so effective that, between March and November, I’m always cycling to any work related fashion event. And in time, I’ve learned that we can actually wear anything on a bike, including high heels (you’ll be surprised at how easy it is) and maxi-dresses (you just need to tie them on the front). I even onced biked to a gala, wearing an evening dress, next to my husband in his tuxedo!

In this picture, I’m heading to Montreal’s Fashion & Design Festival with my all-time favourite Jean Paul Gaultier fringed skirt worn over a one-piece bathing suit. In the shoe department, I’m wearing a low wedge colourful sandal.

Lolitta’s wearing: Skirt, vintage Jean Paul Gaultier. Bathing suit, H&M. Sandals, Call It Spring. Necklace, Aldo. Brooch, vintage Yves Saint Laurent.

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