Sharlene Chiu’s FASHION + music pick: “Dirt” by WU LYF

Sharlene Chiu

The members of Manchester’s WU LYF (which stands for “World Unite! Lucifer Youth Foundation”) are barely in their 20s and until a recent Guardian interview, they’ve pretty much remained a faceless mystery. On their striking website, they describe themselves as, “Four dumb kids calling out heavy longings for a place to call home,” and in an age when we’re able to access unlimited amounts of information about any band at any given time, the fact that WU LYF avoided press for such a long time gave them an unplanned anonymity within the music world, which, of course, only made people more curious. WU LYF cites bands like Black Flag, Fugazi, and Minor Threat as inspirations to their “F**k you, mainstream” mentality—they opt for a more DIY, fan-favoured approach to the way CDs are released and shows are put on. Their debut album Go Tell Fire to the Mountain was self-released on June 13 in the UK/Europe and will be available on August 22 in North America. In the meantime, check out their captivatingly raw video for “Dirt.”

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