May 2015 horoscopes: Everything you need to know before Mercury Retrograde begins

Taurus season is here, and we are finally able to breathe in the sensual pleasures of spring, warmth and renewal. This month is all about living in the moment, using your five senses to their full potential, and valuing the simple, routine aspects of experience. That being said, it is also about being willing to challenge yourself to be brave, to be bold, and to accept change even when it is what you fear most.

Taurus asks us to find our own inner courage without following the temptation to draw our strength from others. On the 18th, Mercury will go retrograde again. Planets do not actually move backwards, but they sometimes appear to do so from our perspective because of the shape of their orbits. Mercury retrograde is always a time to move inwards and listen differently, whether through journaling, meditation, cleaning, cooking, or simply sitting and being. It is often not the easiest time to begin new initiatives or make important decisions, so let those simmer until retrograde is over in June.

This particular retrograde asks us to consider how we communicate with others—whether we are able to meet them face-to-face, with curiosity and openness, to hear them even though they may seem like they are speaking a different language at times, and to be authentic in ourselves all the while. We may need to pause before we speak in order for this to take place, and to spend enough time in quiet and meditation to know how to do so.

Horoscopes by Aerin Fogel. Illustrations by Stefanie Ayoub.


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Aries (March 21 – April 19)

Dear Aries,

Usually, when you have a task at hand, you step up and rise to the challenge and probably change the rules around while you’re at it to suit your own needs a little better. That said, your challenge this month is to play nice with others. This can be as simple as meeting another person right on their level in conversation, without overshadowing them, or it can be as complex as speaking from the heart rather than from the mind.

You may be clever but you are not always honest. Honesty is asked of you this month, especially once Mercury goes retrograde on the 18th, which means thinking before you speak and communicating with a little more softness than you’re used to. Accessories and details are the focus of your style this month, so have fun with creating rhythm and repetition in your outfits. Choose patterns with smaller prints and a little bit of fire in your colours.

You may struggle around mid-month with your own beliefs. Let them be shaken; you are learning to figure things out for yourself without accepting certain facts at face value. What you hold as true has to include both the bigger picture and the little day-to-day details. In combination with your new practice of honest expression, you present yourself quite differently and very intelligently by the end of the month. On the new moon on the 18th, set the intention to save up a bit of money in the next while. It may feel challenging now, but it will serve you later.

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Taurus (April 20 – May 20)

Dear Taurus,

Spring is a happy time for a Taurus. It’s when they are most likely to come out of their winter cave and embrace the sweet smell of flowers blossoming, the taste of the greens shooting up from the earth, and the warm drift of a sunny wind. I bet you feel excited just reading that. Take some time to just be in the magic of the natural elements. Learn a new craft, meet a new neighbour, or go for a walk in a different neighbourhood. Explore everything that is beautiful with the curiosity of a child seeing it for the first time.

This is also an important month for you to take stock of your resources. Starting mid-month, spring clean as if your life depended on it. Anything you are keeping in your home that you don’t really need is like extra weight in your backpack. Scrub the back corners of your stove and donate anything that you don’t need. In addition, sit down with your bank account and really give some attention to what’s coming in and what’s going out. Set goals for yourself of what feels sustainable for you to earn and what feels sustainable for you to spend. Since it’s not the best month to go shopping, check out a clothing swap or trade with a friend. Wear simple, clean colours that mirror the bright colours of spring, and tone down the accessories. On the new moon on the 17th, spend some time in contemplation of who you have been, let that go forgivingly, and wipe the slate clean for who you will be in the coming year.

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Gemini (May 21 – June 20)

Dear Gemini,

Though many of you seem extroverted most of the time, you have all spent the last phase in incubation in some way or another. There is a new version of yourself emerging, at least in the way you present yourself to the world and how others receive you. This upcoming Mercury retrograde is a particularly important piece of your incubation, as it is the final stage. From the beginning of the month but especially when retrograde begins on the 18th, explore a kind of receptive listening instead of defaulting towards speaking.

Listen to yourself, your thoughts, your feelings, but especially listen to your reactions. When you are upset or feel defensive, notice what your first impulse is. Develop a meditation practice, journal, dream, or whatever helps you hear differently. You might also go through a significant transition in your style. You won’t really know until you’re on the other side. Try drawing what you want to wear, or dreaming it up, before going out and finding it. Let it be new and unusual.

At the same time as all this, you’ve got a burst of energy. You might be ready to sign on the dotted line for a new business venture you’re entering. Or you might be ready to really commit to a relationship with someone. Make sure you are seeing everything clearly though, and not hiding behind those rose-coloured glasses that make the world oh-so-dreamy. And while I’m on the subject, be discerning about who you give money to this month; rose-coloured glasses can make any con artist seem like a sweetheart.

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Cancer (June 21 – July 22)

Dear Cancer,

You’ve been in doing mode for the past few months and it’s time to get some rest. It may seem counter-intuitive to the season, when everyone is starting to emerge from hibernation and kick into a higher gear, but hey, you’re a Cancer. You give until you simply can’t anymore and then you need to take a really awesome nap. So May is your time of great naps, but also of imagination.

In waking and sleeping, dream up the next phase for yourself. You are never really satisfied with just resting, since you’re always ready to take on the next project. So connect with the realm of pure possibility—it’s not a time for new beginnings yet. Your style this month is all about beauty. Dress up on a casual day, double your use of gold, and go floor-length with most pieces for some drama. You seem absolutely magnetic to others right now and you can bask in this a little by dressing the part.

In certain moments you will be tempted to speak before you think, and it can come out harsher than you intended. Be aware of your own thoughts so they don’t sneak out sideways in conversation. Later in the month you may also feel like your relationships, especially those closest to you, have become a power struggle; take responsibility for your own feelings and this will resolve the feeling that someone else can dictate whether or not it’s okay for you to have them in the first place.

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Leo (July 23 – August 22)

Dear Leo,

In some ways, this time of year is even more glorious for you than actual Leo season. You emerge into the world in a way that would make any Leo feel properly loved, and people suddenly surround you again (your favourite!) after the harsh blast of winter. You’re out to change the system during this Mercury retrograde. There are certain ideas brewing in you that can innovate new solutions for some of the challenges your community is facing, and it’s important for you to bring these ideas to the table since you’re the only one that has them right now. It might be a good idea to wait until the retrograde finishes in June to share them, though. Otherwise people may have no idea what you’re talking about.

Though it’s spring, your style calls for darker colours this month. Your authority comes through in your outfits. At the same time, leave space for some softness, whether it’s in your makeup or your accessories. If at any point you are feeling scattered and headed in too many directions at once, sit down with a pencil, a paintbrush, an instrument, or just dance around your kitchen—anything that gets your creative energy moving. You are also particularly sensitive right now to how other people are feeling, which can be a great strength, except that it’s hard to actually separate your own feelings from theirs. When you get confused about what’s theirs and what’s yours, go back to your creative process.

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Virgo (August 23 – September 22)

Dear Virgo,

Sometimes it’s hard for Virgos to actually decide what they want to do with their lives. Part of this is because they are so hard-working that they could theoretically do anything if they focused on it for long enough. But part of this is also the simple process of making a decision, trusting that it’s the right decision, and sticking with it long enough to see it through. If you’ve been plagued by indecision in your career path Virgo, this Mercury retrograde period will help you set things on the right track.

I use the word career loosely because it’s really about your dreams, not necessarily your job (the goal, though, is to make them one and the same). If you could do anything in the world, what would it be? Let go of the idea of any limitations standing in your way and admit to the thing you want the most. Then spend some time developing a clear action plan of how you can work towards that.

Your style might be in flux, too. Don’t be afraid to wear colours and pieces that draw more attention your way than you’re used to. And don’t be afraid to make dramatic changes to your appearance, like chopping off your hair. It’s all part of the bigger picture where you’re concerned. In your romantic life, though you are able to see the good and the potential in anyone, understand the difference between potential and actuality. See your partner—or whoever you are idealizing—clearly; make space for their humanness, their struggle, and their wounds, too.

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Libra (September 23 – October 22)

Dear Libra,

As usual, you’ve been struggling with the big picture questions these days. It’s almost as if you haven’t been able to decide where your own values lie, and what you even believe in anymore. After the 7th this will become clearer for you, as you start to understand what you’re doing in the world through simply doing it rather than thinking about it so much. The more you just do it, the easier it will be to meet your own basic needs while also bringing something powerful into the world in general.

When Mercury goes retrograde on the 18th it’s a call for you to stop thinking so much about your greater purpose in life and listen instead. Listen through meditation, not just through the normal chatter of your mind. Your style for May is whatever makes you visible. Libras know how to dress with elegance but they often hide in the crowd just to be polite. Mid-month is a great time to become clear on the small steps and specific tasks you need to undergo in order to make your larger dreams a reality. Surrender to whatever flood of emotion might come through this, and later in the month, don’t buy into the feeling that these small steps will take you away from being fully present in relationship.

Scorpio (October 23 – November 21)

Dear Scorpio,

This month starts off with a full moon in your sign, a chance for you to pause and assess who you have become in this past year. It is also a chance for you to take stock of your resources and your bank account—it might be helpful to actually keep track of what’s coming in and out if you don’t already do this. Don’t let the feeling of not having enough be a limitation on how much fun you have, or how much time you spend with others. You can learn responsible spending without feeling stifled.

You are also, this month, working on the theme of how you relate to others. It may feel at times like you are head-to-head, especially with those you are closest with. Consider the possibility that you write others off quickly sometimes; this might actually be what is bringing about the feeling of conflict. Assume people’s kindness instead of their defensiveness and this will have a bearing on how they relate to you. Black and red are your colours this month, despite the lightness of spring colours sprouting everywhere around you. As a Scorpio, it’s your job to hold down the darker end of things.

As you near the end of the month, consider what you can learn through having an ongoing creative practice. For you, it’s not so much about producing the piece of art itself as having an outlet to process your thoughts, feelings, and desires, as well as something that connects you with your greater purpose in life. If art is not that purpose, it is the thing that will bring you into alignment with it.

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Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21)

Dear Sagittarius,

Your month starts off with the opportunity to assess the relationship department of your life. If you feel like there’s a part of you that isn’t being received, or somehow doesn’t belong in your partnership (or relationships in general), if you feel like you have to limit yourself or appear as less than you are, consider the fact that this limitation is self-imposed. If you feel misunderstood, communicate yourself more clearly. If you feel like you are speaking a different language than your partner, make an agreement to learn each other’s languages.

The most important part of this process is for you to listen differently than in the past. Listen with open-mindedness and curiosity to the other person’s point of view and you may start to hear a deeper wisdom from them that was not immediately apparent. Go for lighter, softer colours in your wardrobe this month. Let the fabric flow and drape and layer, without losing the art and the beauty of simplicity.

It may feel at the beginning of May like you are pushing through a difficult transition but just focus on taking it step by step and you will find yourself on the other side before you even know it. On the new moon on the 18th, set the intention for what kind of work you are bringing into the world, and how you can better serve the people you meet every day. In the days that follow you may struggle to feel like you can get what you want, but stay strong on your path; you will have everything you need in the moments you need it.

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Capricorn (December 22 – January 19)

Dear Capricorn,

As this month starts off with the full moon, step back and observe any intellectual battles you have entered about what you believe in. It might feel like you are fighting against the world right now, so the question I offer you is to ask what you are really afraid of underneath the fight. It’s important to know going forward because May is all about you taking action, step by step, in a new direction. Find the balance between your beliefs (which can be so strong they are overwhelming at times) and what is actually possible for you to take on. It’s step by step after all, not leap by leap.

It might be helpful also to change up the routine you’ve been in. Even less routine could be the way to go. Wake up with a sense of curiosity, spontaneity, and possibility, before you have predetermined every moment of your day. Be conservative with your style this month, and find the balance of what feels both practical and refined. The new moon on the 18th calls you to explore your creative side. Even if it just means singing in the shower, it’s so important for you to bring this into your life right now, if only to remind you that not everything needs to be serious all the time; the value of joy and fun and play is immeasurable.

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Aquarius (January 20 – February 18)

Dear Aquarius,

You might have heard somewhere along the way that Aquarians are destined to be writers. It may have actually frustrated many of you to hear this, especially if you’ve tried to sit down and actually write. You’ve got the ideas and the understanding, you’ve got the unique perspective, but it doesn’t mean it’s easy for you to sit down and type words for hours, since that’s a different thing altogether from having brilliant ideas.

This month, however, I am going to tell you to sit down and write, especially from mid-month on. Write to discover the world. Document your perspective on things, which is so completely unlike anyone else’s. Communicate your ideas. It’s not so much about what you do with it after as the practice of doing it, although if some of you do actually have the patience to write consistently you might consider looking for ways to get it out there. Be playful with your style this month; it might inspire your creative process. Wear something you wouldn’t usually, and pick pieces that inspire a feeling of passion in you, colours that feel vital and enlivening.

On the new moon on the 18th, consider how the past year has been for you with your family. Any changes that may have happened have not been easy, so make space to build loving, stable relationships with the family you were born into and the people you have chosen as family. Towards the end of the month if you feel yourself in a challenging transition, slow down enough to speak clearly and make decisions in the short-term rather than the long-term. Seeing the big picture is not always what is needed.

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Pisces (February 19 – March 20)

Dear Pisces,

It’s so easy for you to float around. Even those of you who have stable long-term homes or long-term relationships will find yourself floating, the way a lilypad drifts around the surface of the water even when it has deep roots. This month is about you asking yourself why it is that you float, especially for those of you who are traveling and wandering the earth or have in the past. Ask yourself whether the idea of really grounding yourself is a scary idea, and why this might be. Are you afraid of how present and powerful in the world you might be if you really showed up? Are you afraid of somehow being hurt by others if you do? Consider this question through May, especially once Mercury goes retrograde.

Take extra quiet time and space at home to contemplate, to clean, to nest, and to eat nourishing food. Your style this month is about simplicity. Choose smooth fabrics with no patterns, and go for single layers. This outer clarity will help you organize your inner mental space too. It may feel at times like this month is challenging to say what you mean. Others misinterpret your words or get confused in regards to what you’re all about. Get clear with yourself about who you are, how you are presenting yourself, and how you want to be received, and this will help clear up the misunderstandings. Remember, on the new moon on the 18th, to have fun too, and to make having fun an important part of your life (as long as it’s not the kind of Piscean fun where you become totally disconnected from reality).

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