How to wear a collar necklace: 7 Style Panel tips on how to get this street-approved look

Collar Necklace
Collar Necklace

While it would have made you a downright prepster back in the ‘80s, a high collared button up or sweater has become de rigueur for fashion statement making nowadays. Championed by street style stars like Man Repeller Leandra Medine and Taylor Tomasi Hill alike, a high collared shirt is even more statement making with the addition of a blinged out necklace worn overtop. And while it sure looks great when captured outside the tents at fashion week, we’re bringing it down to earth for you, with 6 great tips on how to wear a collar necklace, delivered by our very own Style Panel.

As always, our panellists’ tips are varied as their looks. KD Faustino suggests making the look pop by wearing a collar necklace in a contrasting colour to your button up shirt or sweater. At the other end of the spectrum, Stephanie Koch chose to stay within the same cobalt blue colour palette when pairing her collar necklace with a varsity style sweater. Meanwhile, One Chic Mom’s Iva Grbesic put a preppy twist on her own outfit, but recommends trying collar necklaces in a bunch of different ways to see what works best for you.

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Collar Necklace Stephanie Koch

Stephanie Koch, 27
Kelowna | Inherited Jeans

The combination of a high collared shirt and a statement necklace has actually become a huge part of my style repertoire in the last year, where as previously I imagined that buttoning myself away from the world would be frumpy. Not so, and as a necklace fiend I love that the collared shirt acts as a canvas for your boldest pieces. Get as creative as you like with this; I have chosen a more formal necklace paired with a contrasting varsity sweater in one color range. Oppositely, you could pair a fancier blouse with a more aggressive necklace (think spikes or chunky chains), or choose a top and necklace in contrasting colors to make them pop even more. When it’s warmer, balance your modest top with cutoff shorts or a fun mini.

Stephanie’s wearing: Sweater, Blouse, Wilfred by Aritzia. Necklace and earrings, Luxe Craving. Clutch, Dandy Lion Boutique.

Collar Necklace KD Faustino
Photography by Faby Martin

KD Faustino, 28
Calgary | The Girl With the Messy Hair

Probably one of the simplest and easiest way to look chic would be the necklace over high collared look. For a more dressed up occasion, pair a very elaborate statement necklace with a voluminous skirt or dress it down with some cool leather pants and rugged boots for dinner with friends. Make the necklace truly stand out by contrasting it with the colour or print of your top.  Definitely a fail-safe combination for days wherein you don’t know what to wear but in dire need to look chic.

KD’s wearing: Top, thrifted. Skirt, Forever 21. Boots, Go Jane. Necklace, Forever 21. Sunglasses, D&G. Watch, Michael Kors. Bracelet, ILY Couture. Ring, Aldo. Lips, MAC Girl About Town. 

Collar Necklace Barbara Ann Solomon
Photography by Trevor Negin

Barbara Ann Solomon, 25
Toronto | Barbara Ann’s Style Blog

One of the most popular trends across the country is the collared shirt buttoned all the way up. This look is amazing and by adding a beautiful necklace that sits at the collarbone, can draws the eye towards the face. I try to mix patterns as often as possible and I layering an oversized sweater in a common colour. Playing around with these layers is a great way to update your winter wardrobe. I kept the rest of my accessories simple, either tonal with a vintage red leather cuff or metallic with my earrings and rings.

Barbara Ann’s wearing: Sweater, Banana Republic. Shirt, Nexx New York. Skirt, Cooperative. Necklace, vintage. Bracelet, vintage. Shoes, Dr. Martens.

Collar Necklace Kassandra Camponi

Kassandra Camponi, 26
Edmonton | Kastles

Collared blouses seem to be in heavy rotation these days in my closet & on my blog. When trying to decide on what type of necklace to wear with them, I tend to gravitate towards collared or bib necklaces. I just like the look of having a collared blouse layered with a collar necklace. If this is too many collars for you, you can also just try a longer chain necklace. I think both necklace styles look equally as pretty & give off different looks. Happy experimenting!

Kassandra’s wearing: Blouse, Joe Fresh. Cardigan, Joe Fresh. Necklace, Hudson Bay. Skirt, Jason Wu for Target. Loafers, Zara.

Collar Necklace Krystin Lee

Krystin Lee, 26
Toronto | Suburban Faux-Pas

Mixing and matching accessories was quite the struggle for me before embracing my new motto, ‘whatever goes’. I was always concerned about pairing my golds with golds and silvers with silvers but I’ve come to learn that so long as you create a consistent look and feel, feel free to mix away! I opted for a simplistic jewel-tone necklace so as not to complete with my striped sweater and dotted shirt. I accompanied this with a sparkly beanie, golden-hued arm party and brass fixtures on my purse.

Krystin’s wearing: Sweater, c/o Gap. Shirt, Joe Fresh. Necklace, Forever 21. Hat, Jeans and Belt, H&M. Shoes, Topshop. Bag, Coach. Watch, Michael Kors. Bracelet, c/o Gap.

Collar Necklace Iva Grbesic

Iva Grbesic, 37
Toronto | One Chic Mom

When I first noticed other bloggers wearing necklaces over high collars I loved the look. I just wondered how I would style it into my own life. I like the drama of the look, especially for the everyday. Getting dressed up while doing errands is something I enjoy. This look is also preppy and easily work appropriate. Versatile for both a working woman or a mother running around doing errands.

The look is really easy to replicate and broken down all you need is a button down shirt, a crew neck shirt/sweater (boat neck works as well) and a statement necklace.  The possibilities are endless, you just need some time to play around with what works for you.

Iva’s wearing: Blazer and button down, Brooks Brothers. Shirt, Joe Fresh. Jeans, Gap. Shoes, Kate Spade. Necklace, J Crew. Bracelets, Stella & Dot, Cocoa Jewellery, Forever 21, Ann Taylor. Watch, Michael Kors. Handbag, Coach.

Sometimes when you’re piling on the layers your shiny accessories don’t always make the cut. If you live in frigid temperatures you might be dressing simply to stay warm (fair enough), and so you probably aren’t thinking about your favorite accessories, or how they can work with your lovely layered ensemble.

Collar Necklace Kayla Short

Kayla Short, 26
Halifax | Short Presents

Don’t let your pretty things take a back seat during winter months. Instead, rock your favorite statement necklace with a high collared shirt. When adding any accessories into the mix always make sure to think of appropriate colorings and proportions. You’ve decided to wear that beautiful piece of jewellery, so you want to make sure people can see it! Usually this means the bigger the better (in my opinion) especially if you are layering it with a collared shirt under a jumper like I have done above.

Kayla’s wearing: Striped collared oxford, Winners. Polka dot jumper, Tommy Hilfiger. Flared Jeans, Tommy Hilfiger. Belt, H&M. Sunglasses, Joe Fresh. Toggle Coat, Tommy Hilfiger. Boots, Aldo. Necklace: Sears.

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