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Design by Kayleen Dicuangco.

16 Alluring Gifts for the Aesthetic Libra

Here's how to *wow* the Venus-ruled air sign.

Welcome to Libra season! In honour of this air sign, we’ve done the heavy lifting and discovered some of the best gifts for Libras that double as a visual retreat.

Simply put, Libras are the vision. They rule aesthetics and feel best when they are put together. Help them kickstart the fall season with lug sole loafers, an artful designer resale scarf or chunky and colourful additions to their jewellery box. But the Libra’s aesthetics extend far beyond their wardrobe. Fancify their home with a simple yet harmonizing stool from EQ3 — because a cozy living space will surely keep this equal parts introvert-extrovert feeling balanced.

Nothing says Libra like a charming meet-cute in the library. Tap into their romantic and imaginative side with Maison Margiela’s warm and spicy scent ‘Replica: Whispers in the Library.’ Something else to pair with their keen minds? Perhaps put a bow on a good book. On Earth We’re Briefly Gorgeous by Ocean Vuong is a novel that’s impact is much less brief than the title suggests. After all, air signs crave mental stimuli and intellect.

Tap through all of our favourite gifts for Libras below.

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