February 2015 horoscopes: Your guide to Mercury retrograde, Valentine’s Day and more

Happy (almost) Valentine’s Day! Each of you may need something different on this day of love, whether you are in partnership, dating, or not, so I encourage you to listen to your own needs and consider how you can best experience love on this day.

Mercury is still in retrograde the first 11 days of the month, so have patience for everything that is breaking, everything that doesn’t make sense, all the confusing and frustrating conversations, and all the setbacks in your days. Clean your physical, mental, and emotional spaces out and revel in the newfound simplicity.

The full moon in Leo on the 3rd starts up the theme of love, leading us like an adventure into the bravery we all need to open our hearts. And the new moon in Aquarius on the 18th reminds us to step back and gain some perspective while our hearts rage on, fiery and passionate.

Horoscopes by Aerin Fogel. Illustrations by Stefanie Ayoub.


Aries (March 21 – April 19)

Dear Aries,

You have probably spent more time sleeping (or at least wishing you could sleep) in the past month than you have in the past year. But you’re about to rise up from the dead with a force that only another Aries might be able to reckon with. You might be tempted to wear sweats out the door for the first two weeks of the month, but if you dress with flair and in dramatic cuts, it will help you come back from dreamland.

I hope you are still trying your hand at writing during the last of Mercury retrograde, until the 11th. After that you can step back and observe whether or not the writing has helped you process some of your feelings. Some old wounds you didn’t even know were still in there may be surfacing at the beginning of the month too, so just let them. Don’t be hard on yourself, change is happening; you’re doing it. From the 19th on is your resurrection time, and you’ll feel the burst of energy that comes with it. You might also feel so overwhelmed by your own desire and inspiration that you won’t know what to do with yourself, so put your inspiration to the test as much as possible. Give it an outlet and you won’t drive yourself crazy. Wear bright, full colours and pull your hair back off your face. You can wear as many accessories as you can feasibly walk around in.

As the month closes you will feel like your hard work is paying off, but don’t lose sight of your long-term vision. Keep focusing on that, without getting distracted by revelling in small successes. You might actually feel like you want to be alone on Valentine’s Day, and there’s nothing wrong with that, as long as it makes you feel good. You might otherwise try your luck in the world of online dating, where you can connect with someone new who you may otherwise never have crossed paths with.

Taurus (April 20 – May 20)

Dear Taurus,

Surround yourself with all things musical this month. Share albums with friends, go to shows, shop for records, just as long as your auditory delights get you out of the house and around people (as in, don’t surround yourself with music by listening to it on your computer speakers for three hours). Music is alive, engaging, and is meant to be shared with your people. If you play music, join a band or throw yourself whole-heartedly into the one you already have.

Dress the part of mystery, but don’t be shy about any attention you might attract. You are bound to be noticed right now. Hold a clothing swap and trade off with your friends, and you may feel re-inspired in your style by some of the things you find there. After the 11th, any miscommunications and lack of clarity that have been happening at work will start to resolve. This may also mean you find more understanding about where, exactly, you want to even work, if that has been an issue. And if your career path is still not feeling clear, you have another chance on the new moon on the 18th to set the intention for what you want to be doing.

Don’t worry about what you are doing; be limitless here. If money, home, partners, kids, and the whole lot of it weren’t an issue, what would you do with your life? Inspiration can come from letting your dreams be known. Take time for yourself near the end of the month, and bring some structure back into your clothing. You are still a mysterious wonder, but you might be the only one who knows it. A blind date on Valentine’s Day could go better for you than you ever would have imagined. And if you don’t have a date, plan something fun with your friends, because you’re easy to love and they love to be around you.

Gemini (May 21 – June 20)

Dear Gemini,

You’re right in the middle of an important phase as this month begins. I have never know a Gemini to turn down an opportunity to learn something new, to acquire knowledge, and to enter a new path of study (the trouble, you see, is in trying to stick to just one). You are in full swing of some path of study, whether it is formal or pursued in your own time and out of curiosity. And it’s helping you understand who you actually are as a person.

You are pulling up the deep roots for some goodness and you’re so much the better for it, Gemini. The new moon on the 18th is your time to take this knowledge and make decisions about where you want to go next, and maybe to even reassess some of your values and beliefs about the world. Your style is simple this month with no patterns, a low, clean bun, and a natural look when it comes to makeup.

If you’re itching to take a trip, wait until at least mid-month to put anything major on your credit card, but in the meantime you can buy your bathing suit for the beach. Valentine’s Day is all about great conversation for you. If you’ve got a date for the night the two of you might never leave the table because there is no end to what you can talk about with your connection. You are so much more ready to commit than you ever have been.

Cancer (June 21 – July 22)

Dear Cancer,

If you think you know something this month, you probably know it. Your gut instinct is right every time, and don’t let anyone tell you otherwise. The problem is that you sometimes know things about other people before they even know it themselves, so if you can remember this, don’t let that confuse you. You are right. Remember to be compassionate about it though, and not to assume a teacher role with every person you encounter, though you may feel tempted.

This is a good time to refresh your wardrobe, but don’t go making any major purchases. Stick to shoes that you can wear every day, a new necklace, or a bag for all the books your might be carrying around since you’re so hungry for knowledge. If you’re not carrying any books it’s a good time to start because it might be the thing that helps you step out of the perpetual teacher role and become the student. If you have been wanting to teach, the new moon on the 18th is a time for you to make decisions about what that will look like and how you will start down that path. The door is wide open, you just need to have the courage to walk through it.

You have a wonderful amount of energy at work towards the end of the month, and an ability to make things happen, as long as you commit to it and are willing to stick around to see things through. This might prove tricky since you are used to working twenty steps ahead of yourself, rushing to catch up with your own pace. Valentine’s Day might be a good time to ask out your work crush if you have one. If you are in a relationship, do something spontaneous with your partner (or do something spontaneous on your own if you are flying solo) that shakes up the order and routine you’ve developed.

Leo (July 23 – August 22)

Dear Leo,

You’ve got relationships on your brain this month. Part of that is normal, since you’re a Leo after all, but part of it is that you are turning over your relationship values very slowly and deeply in some hidden corner of your mind, like a slow cooker. You need to decide what kind of relationship you want before it can enter your life. If you are clear with yourself, you can be clear with a partner, and with the rest of the universe.

Add intensity to your look with dark colours and a smoky eye. Layer your look with different fabrics blend together and can drape over one another. By the 11th you will feel clearer in what you want in a partner, and on the new moon on the 18th you have a chance to send that intention out into the world, whether or not there is already someone standing in front of you. Don’t be deceived though, people don’t usually change as much as we want them to.

Go somewhere warm, if you can, near the end of the month. Contrary to what you might believe it is possible to find a balance of responsibility and fun. In fact, it is possible for many of you to make having fun your work, to get up every morning and do just that, and to make an income off of it. By Valentine’s Day you have made up your mind about what you want. If you have a partner, choose a date that is both fun and compassionate by doing something that helps out around the community. If you are looking for a date, you might find one through an old friend.

Virgo (August 23 – September 22)

Dear Virgo,

You are so much more intelligent than you let on. It can be a self-destructive combination to have such a sharp mind combined with the tendency to put yourself down. It’s like using your own high-functioning reasoning against yourself. Spend the first part of this month working to be as kind to yourself as you are to everyone else. You have a lot to offer right now at work and in your relationships, but first you’ve got to believe in yourself a little more and trust that you bring more to the table than you realize.

After the 11th you are ready to communicate your ideas to others at work. Dress to be practical, which for some of you might mean a blazer for the office, and for some of you might mean sweatpants to walk over to your computer desk in the morning. Clothing is not your art form right now, but you can still play dress-up in the evening and try on everything you own in different combinations, or all at once, because why not?

You might be ready after the 18th to let in someone who’s been knocking on the doors of your heart. Deep down you’re scared they could turn on you at any moment, but that’s just your own mind turning against you as I mentioned before. Spend Valentine’s Day with someone you care about, gazing at the stars. Bundle up and bring a blanket out to a field where there are no lights, and connect with your date like two fish in a giant ocean, immersed in and connected by the very same waters.

Libra (September 23 – October 22)

Dear Libra,

I can hardly imagine another time in your whole life that you have worked so hard. You are pouring every ounce of energy you have into this work, whatever it is, from the moment you wake up until you go to sleep. Some of you are feeling burnt out and possibly confused as to why you are even working so hard. And some of you are riding the wave and sharing whatever magic is just bursting out of your seams. Your creative projects will become very clear after the 11th. They may have felt clear in your imagination but it’s been challenging to build the bridge between that and making them a reality.

Follow your inspiration when the obstacles start to move, and make it a routine, or even a habit. Your style this month can also be a part of your routine, adding details to your outfits and creating rhythm and repetition with different shapes and pieces. Keep it fun but don’t get too scattered; it’s like another part of your creative practice. Don’t be afraid to be in love from the 19th on. Whatever your heart desires is not going to lead you astray right now, you can trust that. And speak up; as challenging as it may feel, there is someone you care about who you haven’t been able to really express yourself to until now. Valentine’s Day is a great time to take this person on a date, whether you have just met or been on a thousand dates over the course of a long relationship. Let yourself meet them anew and dive into the feelings of passion. Don’t let fear stop you.

Scorpio (October 23 – November 21)

Dear Scorpio,

I hope none of you moved into a new home on the 1st. Disaster is not going to strike if you did, so don’t worry, that process just might have been more challenging than it normally would be. Either way, new home or not, it’s time for you to get your space in order. Clear out the cobwebs, throw out anything you haven’t touched or used in at least a year, buy some new bed sheets, and leave as many surfaces clear as possible. What will satisfy you most is having spacious, clean lines in your home.

Have fun with your style this month and go for bold patterns and colours. If you’re purging your wardrobe too (which is not a bad idea), you’d do alright to go out and buy a few new things. You’ll be okay in the money department this next while if you work really hard and step up the maturity level. Take some time at the beginning of the month to research into your ancestral history and family of origin. There are things brewing in your own personality that are inherited, even though you often feel like the odd one out, so you might have a few light bulb moments this way. A romantic candlelit dinner for two on Valentine’s Day is right up your alley, where everything you see, touch, taste, and smell is a thing of beauty. Resist the urge to stay late at the office because there’s someone you care about who will fill you with inspiration if you give them your time.

Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21)

Dear Sagittarius,

I’m so glad to see you getting to work. And the people around you are so glad to see you stepping into new levels of maturity; it’s also going to help balance out any of the financial struggles you’ve had the past couple years, which may have been more like trying to empty a leaking boat with a tiny spoon. Fortunately, you’ve learned that the only way you’re going to make it to shore is by fixing the boat yourself.

Wear more solid colours than you normally would, and try to bring some order to your outfits (probably not your usual style). Since you are busy getting to work you can also look the part. Ditch the jewellery and choose pieces with more structure and definition. And although it may not feel in your nature, you will find tremendous satisfaction in the first half of the month with less social time. Consider each word before it leaves your mouth, question what you think you know, and embrace the wisdom of being silent around other people.

Since you seem pre-disposed to fall in love with anyone and everyone near the latter half of the month, consider the possibility of rising in love instead of falling. Consider how you can feel empowered in the strength of your own desires, rather than at their mercy. You are driving and patching up your own little boat, remember. Valentine’s Day is a great time to practice this new skill. Enjoy the emergence of your fiery nature, and remember that even while you are connecting with another person, you are having your own completely unique experience.

Capricorn (December 22 – January 19)

Dear Capricorn,

My best advice to you is not to make any major purchases until after the 11th. Though you usually think long and hard before buying something important, during this time I suggest you think about why certain things are even important to you, and why others are not. Question and consider your value system and everything that you hold true and dear. Spend some time doing things that help you value yourself, whether it’s reading a philosophical book that reminds you of who you are, or spending time with people who hold similar values and remind you of who you are.

Consider whether or not your own beauty is something you value – there is a way to appreciate and enjoy your unique beauty without veering into narcissism, which is something you have always feared. You may struggle at times this month to say what you mean, or say anything at all, because you are learning a different language of communication. Hear what people say in what they choose to leave unspoken.

From the 19th on, carry over the theme of beautification into your home. Decorate the house the way you would decorate yourself in a favourite outfit, and realize that they are equally important to your well-being. Consider bringing something magical into your home. On Valentine’s Day, choose a quiet and cozy activity with your partner. If you’re unattached, you can still have a romantic time on your own. Take a drive out of the city and walk around in nature. Go to a spa, eat something delicious. Allow yourself to be comforted.

Aquarius (January 20 – February 18)

Dear Aquarius,

Your life right now is like someone hit the reset button, and asked you what you wanted the revamped thing to look like. You’ve still got some time before you have to hand in your final answer, but I hope you at least have some sense of things by now. For the first half of February, continue to revision who you are and how you live in the world. Make a list, or draw an image of it, if you have to. You really get to choose what this is going to look like in the year ahead, and when you doubt yourself, come back to your list or your drawing. Above all, listen to the yourself; amidst all this newness there’s a part of you emerging that might seem less familiar, but really needs to be heard right now.

On the new moon on the 18th, bridge the gap between what your life is going to look like and how you are going to fit yourself in to the rest of the world’s puzzle. No Aquarian wants to be a single puzzle piece floating alone in space (though most do want to be floating in space). Your reset button can include your style too. Clear out the clutter in your closet and anything that just doesn’t feel “you” anymore and veer toward more eccentric clothing. Remember that Aquarians are always ahead of their time, and usually look the part. On Valentine’s Day, don’t be afraid to expose your heart a little. It may not suit your usual exterior of coolness, but underneath it all you’re bursting with love and warmth and longing to share that.

Pisces (February 19 – March 20)

Dear Pisces,

One of your defining features is your sensitivity. That may not always be the easiest thing, since there is so much disconnect and desensitizing happening in our world. But it is also a great strength if you can find a way to be comfortable with how deep it goes. This month you may find yourself unusually attuned to the struggle happening all around you, so if you can see it as a gift rather than a burden to be able to hear this, you will find a certain peace within it.

Amid all this overflowing compassion make sure you take space and time for yourself, away from others, where even your thoughts can rest and be quiet. Dress like you are the planet Venus herself this month; flowing, embroidered fabrics, and no lack of adornment. If you don’t feel like a god/goddess yet, keep working on it. The new moon on the 18th is your chance to reassess how you present yourself in the world. Others quite likely see you in a very different light than you see yourself, but you can decide how you want your presence to be received.

You may feel as if you are on the verge of something, because you are, but what that something is has not yet become clear. It is still shrouded in mystery. You may in fact want to spend Valentine’s Day solitary, which is just fine Pisces, even if you are in a partnership. Listen to yourself.

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