Comme si de rien n’était

Carla Bruni: Comme si de rien n’était (As If Nothing Happened) (Audiogram)

Ah, only the French could have a first lady who would release an album where she purrs about love, sex (lots of it) and drugs and have the public love her all the more for it.

Model-turned-singer-turned-presidential-wife Carla Bruni’s third record is out today, and while the cooing pop en francais has received mixed reviews in Europe so far, with lyrics like “You are my dope, more lethal than Afghan heroin, more dangerous than Colombian powder,” curious minds are dying to know if the folky album will give them any more delicious juicy insight into the presidential boudoir. Not that she gives a toss either way—as she sings in “Ta tienne” (Your Own One): “I am yours, if they diss me or damn me, I don’t care a hoot.”

Photography by Claude Gassian

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