Ladurée is Coming to Toronto

Macaron lovers, rejoice. The world’s favourite macaron maker, Ladurée, is finally setting up shop here in Toronto, and we cannot wait.

Ever since Vancouver got first dibs on opening Canada’s first location back in March 2016, we here on the east coast (but mainly me) have been enviously anxiously awaiting our very own French café here in T.O. Honestly, for a city that is inhabited by some of the most-followed foodies on Instagram, who enjoy sharing a macaron shot on a weekly basis, we’re surprised that this hasn’t happened sooner.

According to BlogTo, the iconic patisserie will be opening its first Toronto shop at Yorkdale Shopping Centre later this year, marking its impending Canadian expansion. Cue the angel music.

Unfortunately, there are currently no other details—we don’t even know when it will open!—but you can count on us to keep you posted. In the meantime, put together an opening-day game plan. Seeing that Vancouver had two-hour lineups on its opening weekend, we have a feeling foodies might need to camp out the night before.