Move Over, iPhone 7! Everything You Need to Know About the iPhone 8

Guys, it hasn’t even been a little over six months since the iPhone 7 dropped in stores and there are already rumours about the next iPhone 8. Go figure. Now, everyone should take these rumours with a grain of salt—talk of a full-screen iPhone has been swirling since the iPhone 5, after all. But given that 2017 will be iPhone’s 10th anniversary, maybe we can actually count on Apple to drop something big and revolutionary. Here’s what we know so far.


Full screen display

For years, we’ve rumours have been swirling that the home button was going to disappear and the Touch ID would be built into the screen, like the MacBook’s Touchpad, thus leading to a bigger screen. It looks like 2017 might be the year it is actually going to happen.

Bringing back the glass

Remember when iPhone 4S launched its sleek glass-body design? Well, it seems like Apple wants to bring it back for at least one model option. It’s also rumoured that the company has ordered similar stainless steel frames from its iPhone 4 design, as well.

New models

Apple is straying away from its usual patter and rumoured to be launching not two but three iPhone models this time around, including a new 5.8-inch model.

It could be available in ceramic, too

With the launch of the Apple Watch in ceramic, people are speculating that the next iPhone could be available in this material, too. Since it’s stronger than steel, we can see how this could become a fave among consumers.

Wireless charging

We called this back before the iPhone 7 launched, but given that the Apple Watch already offers wireless charging and the iPhone 7 got rid of its wired headphones, we see this as a highly possible new feature.

What’s in a name?

Given that it will be iPhone’s 10th anniversary, who knows if Apple will continue its numbering system. Then again, what would we say when we want to brag about our most recent upgrade? The “newest” iPhone just doesn’t seem to cut it.

New screen

Apple’s supplier, Japan Display, is allegedly already working on replacing the current LED display of the iPhone with OLED (it’s already used in Apple Watches, btw). What does that mean? Sharper images, brighter colours and thinner hardware. It’s also known for its flexible design, so maybe a curved screen is also to come?

Spy goals

We may be able to live our spy dreams with the possible biometric features, which means face recognition and iris scanning. (The future is now, people.)

Bye-bye home button

Given that Samsung got rid of the Galaxy S8’s home button in favour of a larger display, we won’t be surprised if Apple follows suit with the next iPhone. According to sources, the model will include a new “function area,” featuring fingerprint sensory access code, and app and video controls, which will live on the bottom of the screen.

Release date

We probably won’t get any confirmation of the new iPhone model until September 2017, but stay tuned because you know we’ll be all over it.