7 Easy Sheet Pan Meals

7 Easy and Delicious Sheet Pan Meals for People Who Hate Doing Dishes

7 Easy Sheet Pan Meals

Once while hanging out at my high school boyfriend’s house, he showed me a leftover from his mother’s recent dinner party—a tiny duck that his mom had made out of dough…for decorative use in a soup course.

Regrettably, I’ve never had a soup course at my dinner parties, nor constructed little bread ducks for floatation purposes, but I love to entertain. Performance anxiety means I’m lucky if that happens twice a year, so in an effort to be less of a shut-in, I’m on the hunt for dinner ideas.

Cookbook and food bloggers will talk up the merits of  “One-Pot Wonders,” or slow-cooker simplicity. But let’s ask ourselves: Is “slop” really dinner-party appropriate? Enter the cookie sheet/pan option, which allows you to roast everything en masse in the oven.

It’s a trend the Food Network attributes to a growing interest in old school cooking instruments like cookie sheets or broilers (those hot coils inside at the top of the oven). The foodie site recommends people think of cookie sheets as the equivalent of slow cooking or a “set-it-and-forget-it dinner.”

What I like about sheet-pan meals is that all the flavours blend together while remaining separate. Translation: no slop. So pick a protein, two veggies, add some basic spices and place it all on a cookie sheet lined with parchment paper for easy clean-up. Plate individually for a restaurant effect or serve family style on a beautiful platter.