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Today in ’90s Nostalgia: Caboodles Makeup Cases are Back

If you yearn for the days of the Lisa Frank stickers, butterfly hairclips and face glitter, then you’ll be delighted to learn that every ’90s girl’s favourite plastic pastel beauty organizers, Caboodles, are staging a comeback.

Caboodles has released a new beauty organizer, available in soft pink, mint green, and lavender purple, which are now available for pre-order on the Urban Outfitters website for the grand price of, drumroll please, $12.

The size of the case is a bit smaller than the Caboodles of yore, so you might need two of them to store your entire makeup collection, which we suspect has grown significantly since you last used Caboodles in 2000. But at this price, it’s totally worth it. Now you’ll never be at a loss to locate your white eyeliner or Bonne Bell Dr. Pepper Lip Smacker ever again.

Could this picture BE any more 90’s?! #Fabulous

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Perhaps the most surprising aspect of the return of Caboodles is that they never really went away to begin with. This entire time, Caboodles cases have been available for purchase at Walmart and, and the brand celebrated its 30th anniversary last year. However, in Canada the going price on Amazon for a tiny Caboodles case is a whopping $55, which is even more reason to get excited about this new collab.

We may have forgotten about Caboodles, but they were right there, waiting to be rediscovered, all along.