Dragon Boat Fun Facts

The ancient Chinese Dragon Boat Festival is coming and Hong Kong is getting ready to celebrate. What’s it all about? Learn more here.


The Dragon Boat Festival commemorates righteous hero Qu Yuan who drowned himself in a river, after which people threw rice dumplings into the water to stop the fish from eating his body. Traditionally, people celebrate with rice dumplings and dragon boat races. But Hong Kong takes it to another level!


The showpiece event is the Hong Kong Dragon Boat Carnival. Racers from all over the world gather in the home of modern dragon boat racing to slice through the waters of Victoria Harbour in an adrenalin-filled international sporting event.


There are more sedate celebrations too, such as in the centuries-old village of Tai O, where fishermen navigate dragon boats between stilt houses on the water to visit four temples. The boats carry statues of local deities. Villagers throw offerings as they pass by in an event that will make you feel that time has stopped.


This year, from 22–24 June, top dragon boat athletes are battling it out at the Central harbourfront. There will also be a carnival with water games and more as Hongkongers celebrate with a huge party on the sand at the Hong Kong Dragon Boat Carnival!