Welcome to the Stanley Tucci Fan Club

We’re so glad you finally joined us, because he’s been hot forever

If you hadn’t heard of Stanley Tucci before quarantine, chances are you have now. The actor—who’s starred in iconic films like The Devil Wears Prada, Maid in Manhattan and Easy A—recently set tongues-a-wagging when he shared an IGTV video of himself instructing fans how to make the *perfect* negroni.


In the April 21 video, Tucci—clad in a very slim fitting black polo—walks us and his wife, Felicity Blunt, step-by-step through the process, regaling viewers with his skills and also a prolonged glimpse of his über buff arms. (I mean, that polo is *tight.*). And from the fit of that fine, fine merino wool, to that smirk as he robustly shakes his drink, to Tucci’s warm voice asking if he can get his wine glass (you just *know* it’s a lush AF red), I am pretty much salivating. Because the Tooch is an absolute babe.


In the words of FLARE’s managing editor and founding member of the Stanley Tucci Fan Club, Jennifer Berry: “You just know he knows how to shuck an oyster!” 100%.

But we shouldn’t be that surprised that we’re suddenly Hot For Tooch (the official name of our Fan Club, FYI). Because the actor has been steaming up screens for years—nowhere more so than in his films. (I mean, have you seen Easy A?) Let us catch you up: Here, some of his hottest (and best) roles.

Stanley Tucci as Nigel Kipling in The Devil Wears Prada

Let’s be honest, the Tooch is at his best when he’s either playing a sassy superior mentoring a young ingenue (in a non-creepy, but actually helpful way) with tough love or as the similarly sassy but grounding sidekick to a powerful female lead. And we get both in 2006’s The Devil Wears Prada. As Nigel Kipling, the Art Director of Runway magazine, Tucci is witty and snarky but also low-key genuine and kind. He didn’t *have* to help Andy with her makeover, but he did it because he has a heart of gold! (And also, her sweaters were not good).

I 100% want Tucci and his giant cocktail ring-bedecked hands to embrace me after a hard day at the office.

Stanley Tucci as Dill Penderghast in Easy A

I’m honestly getting sweaty just thinking about this film. While the 2010 movie is a standout for several reasons, like launching Emma Stone into stardom, paramount among them is Tucci, who plays patriarch Dill Penderghast. ICYMI, the film (in which Stone plays Tucci’s daughter, Olive Penderghast), follows Olive as she gets caught up in a lie and ostracized for having sex. Funnily enough, the actor’s character is *also* partial to slim fitting tees and henleys—and it is a blessing for everyone. Plus, Tucci has some serious stubble in this film, which offset by his tanned Mr. Clean bald head, is just *chef’s kiss.*


And while there’s no denying that Tucci’s Dill is a hunk of a man on the eyes, what’s really sexy about his role in this film is the character himself—and the relationships he has with his family. As writer Anne T. Donahue rightfully notes in a November 2019 article for Vulture: ”I didn’t know if I believed in marriage or love until Patricia Clarkson and Stanley Tucci appeared as Rosemary and Dill Penderghast.” Their banter is A+. Not to mention the fact that Dill gave equally A+ advice throughout the film, and was a shoulder to lean on for Stone’s Olive. A man who listens? HOT.

Also, you just *know* there is a pack of some sort under that soft henley. Which is notable considering this movie also features a very buff Pen Badgley shirtless for a large part of it, and that still doesn’t take our focus from Tucci. I will take them both, thanks.

Stanley Tucci as Sean in Burlesque

It is my professional opinion that aside from a few films—like The Hunger Games and The Lovely Bones—Tucci primarily plays characters that are pretty much like him with one degree of separation, i.e. they’re perhaps just a teensy more snarky, sassy or corporate than he is IRL.

And nothing can convince me otherwise. Least of all his role in the seminal 2010 film Burlesque.

As we’ve come to know from his work playing across from actors like Meryl Streep and Patricia Clarkson, Tucci sizzles when his leading lady is a fellow powerhouse. And that’s part of what makes him so endearing in this film. The man knows his way around a scene, around a lady and around a dance floor; and the chemistry between Tucci and Cher is palpable.

The way he whispers into her ear that “it was Tahoe, baby, and it was lovely,” before barking at someone to “get away!” True art. And also, I can 100% picture the IRL Tucci being just as sassy to papparazzi who accosts him outside his home. Because he clearly suffers no fools.

Stanley Tucci as Link in Shall We Dance

Perhaps one of the only movies where Tucci isn’t featured in a pair of chic round-framed glasses, 2004’s Shall We Dance is peak Tucci only because it’s not. The actor plays Richard Gere’s BFF, Link, who Gere later finds out has a love of ballroom dancing. But it’s really the intro to this knowledge, when Gere’s John discovers his friend shaking his hips and dancing salsa—in a wig no less—at their shared studio, that really takes the cake.

Umm, excuse me, Stanley—but who knew you could move your bod like that?! We love a chameleon!

Stanley Tucci as Caesar Flickerman in The Hunger Games

I can’t really explain it, but it’s a thing. The Hunger Games’ Caesar Flickerman is absolutely chaotic, but somehow Tucci makes it work. And when you find out that Tucci’s inspiration for the character was a cross between Wayne Newton and British late night host Graham Norton, truly inspired character culling, you can’t help but love him even more.

So, in conclusion, Stanley Tucci, please toss me around like that negroni shaker.