Meghan and Harry Moved to L.A. and People Have Feelings

Some folks aren't happy that the royal couple left Canada

While people around the world have been freaking out about and isolating from the COVID-19 pandemic, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle have quietly been packing up a U-Haul and heading south. According to March 26 reports, the royal couple have officially left their temporary home on Vancouver Island and settled in Los Angeles. Per Hello! Canada, the couple—along with their super cute baby, Archie—are “living in a secluded compound and haven’t ventured out amid the coronavirus pandemic.”

How much do you want to bet this “secluded compound” is in Calabasas?

While it wouldn’t necessarily be *everyone’s* choice to move homes (and countries) in the middle of a global health crisis, we’re not all almost-former senior royals. The Sussex family is in the midst of a BIG transition overall, as March 31 marks the end of Harry and Meghan’s reign as senior royals before they step back to focus on their philanthropic work (and Meg’s burgeoning voice acting career).

But with the news of the royal couple’s departure from Canada, not everybody was ready to send the fam a housewarming gift. TBH, a lot of people were in their feelings about it.

For some, news of the couple’s departure from Canada was met with sadness…and a little bit of anger, drawing comparisons to the Raptors Kawhi Leonard, who infamously came to Toronto, helped lead the basketball team to an NBA Championship, then quickly left for his hometown of L.A.

Like Leonard, the Sussexes gave Canadians a taste of what we *could* have had—the knowledge that we have major celebs just walking around and living their lives amongst us (aside from the cast of Schitt’s Creek, obvi). Who doesn’t love the idea of popping in to a Shopper’s Drug Mart and bumping into little Archie and his mom in the diaper section? There’s something positively delightful about having legit celebrities living in your community, but not really acknowledging it—because they’re just that cool.

Instead, Canadians had a taste of fame, only to have it yanked away from us. Seriously, why can’t Canada have nice things?

For some people in the United States, the move was received as good (if not comical) news, with writer Carey O’Donnell tweeting: “Can’t wait to see Meghan and Harry at Whole Foods in September when we’re still only allowed out for essentials.”

And across the pond…lots of people were less than happy. Daily Mail London royal editor Rebecca English tweeted about the news: “It’s not a surprise—myself (and others) have written this would happen as far back as January. But it is a firm marker regarding their future—and does make a mockery of the promotion of the Commonwealth ties.”

ICYMI, in the January 8 announcement that Harry and Meghan would step down as senior royals, the couple emphasized that they would continue to support and work in support of the Commonwealth, writing: “We now plan to balance our time between the United Kingdom and North America, continuing to honour our duty to The Queen, the Commonwealth, and our patronages.” As Canada is a Commonwealth country, a move to a Canadian city made sense; it still kept the family connected to the monarchy geographically. According to English, this move to the United States—which is not a Commonwealth country—kind of discredits that statement.

And of course, others in the British media made sure to emphasize that with the March 25 news that Prince Charles has tested positive for COVID-19, *the* thing for Meghan and Harry to do would be to fly *back* to England.

Which honestly does not make sense, considering, as Twitter user @Femi_Sorry pointed out, the royal couple has been dragged for flying private—and are currently being slammed for presumably flying to the U.S. during the pandemic.

Meanwhile, some folks online weren’t really taking sides, but rather just wondering why the family would leave Canada—where universal health care is a thing, their privacy is somewhat respected and physical distancing is being taken more seriously—for the United States, where…none of those things are really happening.

To each their own, folks.

Regardless of what we commoners may think, Meghan, Harry and Archie are no doubt settling safely in their new home, and TBQH, probably stocked up on weeks worth of non-perishables with Markle’s new Disney cheque. So, they’re good thanks.

Meghan Markle right now: