Kim K Is Every Woman With a Sh-tty Boss

Her boss just so happens to be the U.S. baby-in-chief

Kim Kardashian West announces her new initiative at the White House (Photo: Getty Images)
Kim Kardashian West announces her new initiative at the White House (Photo: Getty Images)

There’s not *much* we can relate to with Kim Kardashian West. The reality TV star and aspiring lawyer runs a multi-million-dollar empire, is married to a famous rapper, is dressed by haute couture designers on the daily, literally has a sink that defies logic, once lost a $75K diamond earring in the ocean *and* is invited to the White House on the regular.

But there’s one area of her life in which the makeup mogul is more relatable than ever: The plight of having a shitty boss (and no, we’re not talking about momager Kris, who actually deserved way more kredit.)

Since 2018, the KKW founder has worked hard in the area of prison reform, securing a presidential pardon for Alice Marie-Johnson—a grandmother who served more than 20 years in prison for a first-time, nonviolent offence—and lobbying for clemency in the case of Kevin Cooper, all while working hard towards taking the bar in a bid to become the modern day Elle Woods. And on June 13, Kardashian West once again went to the White House to announce her latest initiative, a partnership with ride-sharing program Lyft that will offer former prisoners transportation to job interviews and work.

It was a big announcement and a big moment in criminal justice reform, but it was a feat slightly overshadowed by a big, orange, Twitter-happy elephant in the room: U.S. President Donald Trump. The President introduced Kardashian West, calling the lawyer-to-be and hubby Kanye West “a real friend…real friend[s] of mine.”

Kardashian West has worked closely with the U.S. baby-in-chief in order to get sh-t done (that whole presidential pardon thing has to, unfortunately, come from the President). And while we’re thrilled she’s making IRL change, we can’t help but feel for her because no doubt our favourite KarJenner has had to grin and bear her working relationship with a problematic man—and what woman can’t relate?

Because TBH, he’s a pretty horrible boss, and we’re not just talking about The Apprentice. Below, all the reasons Trump should be a character in the next sequel to Bad Bosses, and the ways in which Kardashian West is proving she’s employee of the month, regardless.

He’s a creep

This really shouldn’t shock anyone, but President Trump can’t seem to go five minutes without saying something inappropriate; why would a televised press conference on prison reform be any different? While introducing Kardashian West to the podium, Trump made sure to highlight all her accolades and…*ahem* assets. Speaking about her recent announcement that she’s studying to become a lawyer, the leader of the free world praised the star, saying that she’ll be “one of the most successful lawyers,” before stating: “But I knew her father and I’ll tell you, she’s got good genes—good genes for everything.”

Which, first of all, isn’t exactly how genes work. And second of all, we’re pretty sure he meant she has great “jeans,” because he’s creepy AF and in his vocabulary, “good genes for everything” stands for “she’s a hot girl.” And while that may seem like a stretch, it’s *really* hard not to believe that Trump’s comment was a double entendre, because he has been accused by many, many women of basically being a sexual predator.

In a now-infamous 2005 video, the then-presidential nominee was recorded while on set for an appearance on the soap opera Days of Our Lives. While talking to Access Hollywood host Billy Bush, Trump was caught saying that as a famous man, he could do anything he wanted to women, even “grab ’em by the p-ssy.” The tape was released by the Washington Post in 2016.

And Trump has commented about Kim K’s body before. While on the campaign trail in 2016, he commented on Kardashian West’s pregnancy weight (referring to her body in 2013, because he’s just that icky), saying: “She’s gotten a little bit large…I would say this, I don’t think you should dress like you weigh 120 pounds.” K.

This is also the man who said he would date his own daughter…which is just hella disgusting.

We’ve all had that boss who makes you feel a *little* uncomfortable—unfortunately, it seems to be part and parcel for being a woman in the workforce—but most of our jobs don’t happen to be on an international stage, and Trump’s inappropriate behaviour is just next level.

And you never know what he’ll say about you

On par with acting like a creep of a boss is being a volatile one. Who can forget Miranda Priestly in The Devil Wears Prada and *that* perfectly cooked steak? A boss who doesn’t know what they want, or rather changes what they want/say in the blink of an eye, are super difficult to handle—so then imagine Trump. If he’s not tweeting (unvetted) decrees about who can serve in the military, he’s name-calling Hillary Clinton or liking tweets about Rihanna. He’s seriously all over the place, and his IRL demeanour is very much the same: flip-flopping from legitimately ridiculing Kardashian West to praising her.

In a 2013 interview with Howard Stern, Trump once more tried to body-shame Kim K, telling the host: ”Does she have a good body? No… Does she have a fat ass? Absolutely.” A statement that, if we’re being honest, is one of the most misogynistic and rude statements of all time.

But Trump has had plenty of great stuff to say about Kardashian West since she started doing good things for his administration, declaring himself a fan. In his most recent introduction, Trump went on to say, “I guess she’s pretty popular.”

Which lends itself to another boss no-no: he’s *clearly* piggybacking on Kim K’s popularity and wherewithal for himself. And who hasn’t had that type of boss? Someone who belittles you and is rude AF until you do something successful—and then is all buddy-buddy. He’s praising her because now she—and her “fat ass”—are useful to him and his image.

But TBH, Kim K is the ultimate employee

He may be the worst boss, but Kim is proving that—by working with him and getting shit done–she’s the ultimate employee of the month.

Look, there’s no way to know *exactly* how Kardashian West feels about Trump, and to definitively say that she’s working with someone she hates is a stretch. When it comes to speaking out about her own political affiliations, Kim K hasn’t said a *ton*, but she’s said enough. In September 2016, she posted a public endorsement of then-candidate Hillary Clinton, writing: “#STRAIGHTUP I’M WITH HER.”

And in a CNN interview on her criminal justice reform work, Kardashian West said that she was trying to be respectful of her husband’s political “journey,” after he visited Trump at the White House in November 2018 sporting a “Make America Great Again” hat. She followed up by saying that she was working on educating her husband on Trump’s policies.

We know that Trump *can’t* be an easy person to work with. Literally 62% of top-level White House positions have resigned or been fired under Trump since December 2018.

But maybe, because she’s a mom, Kardashian West knows how to handle a big baby.

Or maybe she’s just actually trying to get sh-t done. In an October 2018 interview with Richardson magazine, the star acknowledged that her hubby’s support of Trump definitely helped her advocacy take off. “I am aware that Kanye speaking out in favour of Trump got me through the door—got him to pick up my call,” she said. “I’ve always had different opinions than Kanye. But when I went there, and when I saw what could be done, I realized that I could get more done if I just stayed focused on the issue I was passionate about instead of complaining.”

So yeah, we’d say she’s not thrilled about the necessity of working with Trump. But as with any #girlboss, her ability to essentially take part in a super challenging group project, and still succeed, is seriously commendable.

All of the gold stars.


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