Five Clues the Biebers Are Quarantining in Canada

The air *is* fresher up here

With the spread of COVID-19, people around the world are staying in their homes in an effort to flatten the curve. For some people, physical distancing means toughing it out in a shoebox-sized apartment in cities like Toronto or New York, for others (a.k.a. celebs), it means hunkering down on Disneyland-sized properties in Calabasas. And for Justin and Hailey Bieber, it means making the trek north of the border to shack up at their Cambridge, Ont. home. Don’t believe us? We have some pretty A+ proof…plus, they’ve pretty much explicitly said it. Here, a very serious investigation into all the evidence that the Biebers are quarantining in Canada.

Hailey Bieber posted about being unable to watch HBO’s Insecure

You haven’t truly experienced living in Canada until you’ve had trouble accessing streaming content. On April 13, the Biebers found that out when they tried to watch the recently released season of Issa Rae’s Insecure. Taking to Instagram stories, Hailey posted a message to all her fans, writing: “Is @insecurehbo not available in Canada?” with a sad face.

Hailey's cry for help to followers (Photo: Instagram/@haileybieber)
Hailey’s cry for help to followers (Photo: Instagram/@haileybieber)

Welcome to Canada, Hails! In the words of FLARE editor-in-chief Charlotte Herrold, “You just have to subscribe to Crave, hon.” FWIW, for Canadians to watch Insecure, we have to pay for the special Crave + HBO package, which is more expensive. Maybe the Biebers just weren’t ready to commit to the extra $10 a month?

Justin and Hailey Bieber are embracing nature

Another clue that the Biebers are spending their time up north? The fact that they seem to be really enjoying the great outdoors! Since holing up in mid-March, the couple has been sharing BTS photos of how they’re spending their time. While much of their downtime appears to be dedicated to watching movies and making TikTok videos (which is super relatable), a hefty amount of time is being spent outside. The Biebers have shared several videos of themselves relaxing lakeside or out on the water for a (physically distanced) boat ride—featuring their adorable dog, of course.

Sure, this could have been taken on a lake somewhere in California. But in many of their photos the weather has looked…less than great. Which is honestly the hallmark of a Canadian spring.

Hailey Bieber *also* said her skin is clearer

And probably a byproduct of that fresh Canadian air. In a recent Instagram live, Mrs. Bieber revealed that—contrary to what many of us are experiencing in quarantine–her skin has actually gotten better during her time in isolation. During an April 8 online chat with Dr. Barbara Sturm, Bieber told the skincare expert: “My skin actually stays a lot better in Canada with less issues, than when I’m in a bigger city where there is more pollution like New York or Los Angeles.”

Glad our fresh Canadiana air could be of service Hailey. Should we all be moving to western Ontario??

Justin Bieber shared a photo of himself lounging in a Muskoka chair

Probably the biggest giveaway that the couple are on a quarantine honeymoon at their Cambridge compound (besides, you know, Hailey straight up saying they’re in Canada), is a *very* telling detail spotted in an April 15 Instagram post by Justin.

In the video, Biebs is seen lounging outside (with that tell-tale bad weather again), talking about the #ALLINCHALLENGE and his pledge to raise money for those in need. The cause is great, but I could barely listen to what he was saying. Because Bieber was sitting on a *massive* Muskoka Chair!–QwPaHvRj/

Also known as an Adirondack chair, this style of outdoor seating is characterized by wide armrests, a tall slatted back and a slanted seat. Any Ontarian will know that the unofficial Muskoka name comes from the fact that these types of chairs are often a staple of “cottage country.” And in Ontario, Muskoka is a popular area for cottages. Hence: Muskoka chairs!

Regardless of what you may call this aforementioned chaise, the fact remains that it is a seat you would 100% not find in Los Angeles. For one thing, it’s way too rustic. Seriously, imagine this chair in the Kardashian-West household? Kim would die.

And the couple are repping their Canadian pride hard

The final clue that the Biebers are currently residing in Bieber’s home country? Both celebs have been using this quarantine time to rep Canada—and its myriad sports teams—hard.

On March 16, Hailey posted a pre-quarantine throwback to a trip she’d taken during brighter times. “[Quarantining] but reminiscing on this beautiful trip.. reminding me to never take these experiences for granted and how grateful I am for such amazing memories. sending everyone love and good energy!!,” Hailey wrote alongside a series of images of herself traipsing through a desert locale. While the location wasn’t Canadian, the jersey the model was rocking, was. The series of photos featured Hailey in a Toronto Raptors jersey.

The Biebs has also been nostalgically repping his fave Canadian sports teams. On April 10, the singer posted an image of the Toronto Maple Leafs logo, writing: “MORE THAN THE GAME #LEAFSNATION

Someone is very clearly missing hockey during the pandemic.

So, welcome back to Canada Mr. and Mrs. Bieber! Now stay inside.