Meghan and Harry Are Officially Just Celebs

And the world is pretty much their oyster now

Well friends, the time has finally come. On March 31, Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, the former Duke and Duchess of Sussex, officially stepped down as senior members of the royal family after a few tumultuous months. The decision to step back as senior royals, announced in January, shouldn’t really have come as a surprise, considering the treatment Markle has received since the announcement that she was dating Prince Harry in November 2016. But nevertheless, their departure officially marks the end of an era, a relationship (the one between them and the Cambridges) and a much-beloved Instagram account.

In anticipation of their stepping down, the royal couple took to their @sussexroyal Instagram account on March 30 to bid farewell and announce its closure. “As we all find the part we are to play in this global shift and changing of habits, we are focusing this new chapter to understand how we can best contribute,” the couple shared in a post on their account. “While you may not see us here, the work continues.”

But it’s not all sad. Because since announcing that they were stepping down, Harry and Meghan have been living their best lives; undergoing a serious glow-up, signing a narration deal with Disney+ and even moving to Los Angeles (which people had a lot of feels about). And, with reports that Meghan wants to release a second cookbook and revamp her defunct lifestyle blog, The Tig, it sounds like the Sussexes will be getting up to BIG things—and we have a few suggestions. Here, everything we’d love to see Harry and Meghan do, now that they’re just another pair of Hollywood celebs.

Meghan Markle needs to relaunch her lifestyle blog

First and foremost, justice for The Tig! Meghan’s lifestyle blog—which the former Suits actor ran from 2014 to 2017—was shut down once things became serious with Harry and the royal fam. FYI, senior members of the family aren’t typically allowed personal social media accounts (blogs included). But, it turns out that Meghan may not have entirely said farewell to her former passion project. When she was officially the Duchess of Sussex, Meghan employed Toronto-based firm Article—the same team who helped design The Tig’s website—to design the Sussex Royal website re-brand in January of this year.

And in a March 27 article in Us Weekly, sources revealed that the former royal is interested in relaunching her blog and getting back into writing.

So was Meghan’s use of Article *just* a sign of support for a Commonwealth business, or was Megs playing the long game? Perhaps both! Maybe Meghan was keeping those blog connections in hopes that the company would come on-board for her impending relaunch. And TBH, the time has never been better for The Tig 2.0; with everyone stuck inside, looking for escapist content *and* completely fed up with Gwyneth Paltrow telling us to shove jade eggs up our hoo-has, the lifestyle world is in serious need of a new leader.

 And produce a cookbook with Chrissy Teigen

In line with her blog relaunch, now is the perfect time for the former duchess to move forward with another reported goal of releasing a second cookbook. While Meghan’s first cookbook, Together: Our Community Cookbook, was a charitable endeavour—featuring recipes by and with a portion of funds going to women affected by the June 2017 Grenfell Tower fire in London—Archie’s mom could use her new L.A. life to collab with another woman…of the celeb variety. We mean Chrissy Teigen, everyone. The cookbook author and model is known for being a whiz in the kitchen, with several cookbooks already under her belt; how great would a joint cookbook (with accompanying Instagram Lives of the two moms cooking in Teigen’s kitchen over white wine) be?!

Then voice a Disney princess

And finally, with the Duchess of Sussex already making a foray into the world of voice acting, it’s only a matter of time before she takes the natural next step on the big screen: lending her voice to a Disney princess. Because honestly, the story writes itself. And who better to voice a new animated film about a former actor who falls in love with a prince, marries into his family and then breaks away for a life of happiness, then an actual former royal herself?

Prince Harry needs to become part of the reformed “Pussy Posse”

And of course, because Meghan will be so busy with all her new endeavours, her hubby needs some projects of his own. First things first: making friends. Let’s be real, Harry is new to the country (and the continent), having never lived anywhere but the U.K. and it would be great to see him take the first few months to establish his own group of BFFs in the City of Angels. And who better than the members of the Pussy Posse.

A pretty misogynistic name for a group of men who may be equally as misogynistic but are hopefully reformed, the “Pussy Posse” refers to a group of Hollywood besties (including Leonardo DiCaprio, Tobey Maguire, Q-Tip, David Blaine, Kevin Connolly and Lukas Haas), who…I guess did well with ladies? Or at least thought they did? Regardless, they—kind of like Harry—were wild in their youth and are now a bunch of either chilled out dads or men with dad bods who lust after Rihanna (looking at you, Leo). So Harry would fit right in. Also, they could use a little more class in that group.

Before starting his work with President Barack Obama

And of course, besides making new friends, Harry would obviously continue his lifelong philanthropic work, just on the other side of the pond. And who better to do that with than former President Barack Obama? Our one wish is that Harry teams up with the Obama Foundation and all its great initiatives to work towards access to education for girls and women, success for young men of colour and global initiatives.

Also, how freakin’ great would the company retreat be? The Obamas *and* the royal couple jetting off to Hawaii for some R&R together? Iconic.

Meghan and Harry should definitely do a tell-all interview with Oprah

The scene: Oprah Winfrey’s Jurassic Park-esque backyard at her home in Hawaii. Harry (sunburnt) and Meghan (glowing) enter the frame with Archie as Oprah—who is sitting underneath a large-brimmed sun hat with freshly squeezed pineapple juice in hand—opens her arms and exclaims: “Meghaaan!”

Honestly, gold.

And also necessary, because the people need the royal family gossip! After almost four years of rumours, Meghan being dragged through the mud and precious little public support from the royal family, it is definitely within Harry and Meghan’s rights to air their dirty laundry and reveal what it was *really* like being a member of the royal family.

What’s Queen Elizabeth II like in person? Did William actually cheat on Kate with one of their friends? Did the fab four really get along? How is Prince Phillip possibly this old?!

These are need-to-know questions.

Before attending Sunday Service with the Wests

And once they get their story out there with Oprah, it’ll definitely be time to get their souls right as well. And where better to do that then with the Kardashian West family in Calabasas? One good thing about leaving the royal fam is that the couple doesn’t have to put up with super rigid church services (or those stuffy fascinators) ever again. So why not go full L.A. and join Kanye West and his choir for their weekly Sunday Service? The hottest church in L.A. is…in a random field in Calabasas. Also, you just know Meghan’s Sunday Service ’fit would be straight fuego. And it would be nice for Archie to make some fellow celeb baby friends.

And announcing their own philanthropy-based TV show

Honestly, if Khloé Kardashian can produce a crime series, anything can happen in the world of TV. So why couldn’t the Sussexes take their charitable work to the small screen? Maybe it’s a talk show where Meghan and Harry interview notable people (kind of like David Letterman’s My Next Guest Needs No Introduction), or perhaps it’s a Lisa Ling-style investigative show where they travel around the world and spotlight the issues plaguing communities.

Either way, I would 100% tune in.

So go forth Harry and Megs, the world is truly your oyster (also, you can eat those now!).