Why Does the Media Have a Problem With Hailey Bieber Using Justin’s Name?

Sorry, but it's her name, too

(Photo: Getty)
(Photo: Getty)

The current way we learn about celeb beauty lines is via trademark filings, and the latest to follow in Rihanna, Kim K and Kylie’s footsteps is Hailey Bieber. According to legal documents obtained by TMZ, she just filed the paperwork for “Bieber Beauty,” which likely means we’ll be getting either a skincare or makeup line from the model sometime in the near future.

But, instead of hypothesizing what products she might be launching (our bets are on a chic red lipstick and allll the brow prods), both TMZ and Perez Hilton chose to focus on the idea that she’s”using”—or worse, “cashing in on”—her husband’s name.

K, first of all, it’s not just her husband’s name. When she married him, she decided to take his name, thus it is now also her name. This is… not that unusual? (According to a 2015 survey by the New York Times‘ Upshot section, 30% of women keep their maiden names in some form, which means 70% of women change their names after marriage.) And while we know some people feel taking your husband’s name is feeding into the patriarchy, we’re here for people making their own choices about what to call themselves. So, assuming she willingly chose to change her last name from Baldwin to Bieber, she has every right to it.

Second, so what if she does want to capitalize on arguably one of the most recognizable celebrity names? That’s her prerogative, and when you’re trying to make it in this crazy, messed up world, why not use everything you’ve got to make your dreams happen. Especially if your husband—and your new last name—have already experienced success in the industry you’re hoping to conquer.

To be fair, it’s not like Bieber is starting from scratch here. She’s already a celebrity in her own right, and she probably would have found success throwing it back to her maiden name with “Baldwin Beauty,” or going the Kardashian/Jenner route with “HB Beauty” or “Hailey Cosmetics.”

So, instead of criticizing this new line while it barely exists, let’s wait and see what it actually ends up including. Then, we can judge it for the important things, like whether the products measure up, and if they’re inclusive, sustainably-produced and packaged and cruelty-free. Fingers crossed for all of the above.

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