Elon Musk Dropped a Song and This Is Officially the Bad Place

TBH, we'll probs see him at Coachella 2020

(Photo: Getty Images)
(Photo: Getty Images)

January is barely over and 2020 has already been a wild ride: Vanessa Hudgens and Austin Butler ended their almost decade-long relationship, Paris Hilton launched her own cooking show (and tried to make “sliving” happen) and now, tech mogul Elon Musk has dropped a song on Soundcloud. *Record scratch*

Yep, you read that right. The Tesla founder took to Twitter in the early hours of January 31 to announce the release of an electronic song, an EDM bop called “Don’t Doubt ur Vibe.” Good lord.

To commemorate the drop, Musk also made sure to change his Twitter handle to E “D” M, because, get it? It’s his initials with a “D” in the middle, as if this entire experience wasn’t already painful enough.

The release came mere hours after Musk started tweeting about writing and producing said song—which includes original vocals from the entrepreneur—making sure all his followers knew that, you guys, songwriting is hard!

If his Twitter timeline is any indication, it appears that Musk wrote, sang, produced and released his new song all within a timespan of approximately ten hours.

Yeah, you can tell. Because it pretty much sounds like Ross on the synthesizer on Friends.

Which is not to knock Musk for trying something new and risky! That takes guts…but it doesn’t mean it was a good decision, or that this is by any means a good song. This is a tune, after all, brought to you by the same man who dances like a a robotic Chippendales dancer (skip ahead to 0:53 to see Musk do a little strip tease):


Just imagine this man dancing like *this* to his latest song. We are truly in the bad place, people.

And the darkest part about Musk’s latest musical release—in March 2019 he released a rap song about the death of Harambe, the Cincinnati Zoo gorilla who was killed in 2016—is that we wouldn’t be surprised if it goes viral, or if Musk ends up headlining a major music fest. (Coachella, don’t you dare!).

Because that seems to be the way it goes with these things: rich person does something that isn’t particularly good but has the money to back it, public reacts with jokes and memes while also simultaneously helping said thing go viral…and then we end up with Donald Trump as the President of the United States.

While we can agree that the sentiment of not doubting your vibe is a great one to spread, especially in 2020, we’re sorry Mr. Musk, but you should 100% doubt your vibe.

My only remaining Q: did Musk’s GF Grimes help produce this? You just know he’s going to drop a new song about fatherhood, à la Kanye West, when their alt-techno baby is born.