TIFF partysphere: Adrian Grenier’s hair was just like it is on TV at last night’s Teenage Paparazzo bash

Photography by George Pimentel/Wireimage
Adrian Grenier and his bushy eyebrows shot by George Pimentel/Wireimage

In what must be the most meta event of the festival (and, yes, we are aware that TIFF’s only just begun), Adrian Grenier braved the paparazzi last night as he hit Toronto with his documentary, Teenage Paparazzo. Part of the lofty-sounding “Teenage Paparazzo Experience’s North American Tour,” Grenier hosted a screening of the film and Q&A session before emerging with his entourage (sorry!) at King West hotspot Brant House for a bash befitting Vince Chase. Clad in a nubby gray wool cardi against the chill and a pair of slate-blue jeans (plus what we assumed were a pair of leather kicks from event sponsor Converse, natch), his movie-star-level hair was as perfect as it appears on HBO. Coifed, slightly poofed—we notice these things. “The paparazzi’s out tonight!” he crowed, as the flashbulbs lit up those famous baby blues. “Didn’t you get it right the first time?” Grenier joked when one shooter missed his shot. Don’t blame it on our timid photogs, however—as comedian-of-the-moment Russell Peters joked on the red carpet, “These are Canadian paparazzi—they don’t count.” (Their more aggressive American counterparts run targets down in their cars, he says.) It was all apropos for a doc that details Grenier’s relationship with a pint-sized pap he met in L.A., as well as the greater implications of fame and our celeb-hungry culture.

Inside the dimly lit bar, MTV’s Alia Jasmine and R&B crooner Jarvis Church pushed their way through the packed house, as L.A. chanteuse Wendy Starland danced up a storm in her gold-sequined mini-dress to rap tunes blaring next to the VIP booth. She was one of the lucky few granted access to Grenier, who was guarded by no fewer than four beefy men in suits from the many eager ladies clawing at him from behind the wooden fence. Even if only a lucky few got to run their hands through those luscious locks, everyone benefited from his adorably goofy dance moves on display. Here’s hoping that in this photo-hungry culture, someone documented that for posterity.

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