The fashionable ways of Steve Jobs: We present Apple’s top 5 fashion moments

Since yesterday’s sad news about Apple co-founder Steve Jobs’ passing, it seems everyone has been mourning the loss in some shape and form (a tribute song blasted from your iPod? A sad phone call placed from your iPhone? A sad collage made on your iPad? The possibilities are endless). While it may not be as clear a fashion connection as the loss of Alexander McQueen, we got to thinking about the numerous ways the industry has changed because of Apple inventions. Here are five:

1. When Apple launched the iMac G3 in 1998, there was nothing that could stop us from rushing to buy one in every rainbow colour released. Red, yellow, green, blue, and purple—suddenly a computer had become as covetable as a Birkin bag. Apple has continued on the coveted track ever since, coming out with one after another of need-it-now products.

2. The glowing Apple logo is a staple throughout Sex and the City and turned the laptop from tech tool to fashion object. We weren’t the only ones inspired to ditch clunky computer bags for pashminas like Carrie did when her iMac 3G crashed in season four. And when Aidan gives her a blue iBook, announcing “It’s got this handle, so it’s like a little purse!” we knew we’d never consider dusty grey PCs again.

Photography by Peter Stigter

3. For their first foray into fashion collaboration, Apple created a free video iTunes podcast for the unveiling of Karl Lagerfeld’s first eponymously labelled collection in 2006. Released the same night of the debut runway show, this collaboration shadowed the live streams we now enjoy as a commonplace. (Also, no big deal, but it’s been said that Lagerfeld employs an “iPod Nanny” to look after his 100+ iPods.)

4. The introduction of the iPod was much more than portable music in a sleek, stylish device. It launched those ubiquitous white earbuds, bringing a sense of fashion to a once purely functional object. (We dare you to think back to your headphones of choice in 2000 without cringing.) The early iPod advertisements were equally inescapable and influential—those silhouettes were always the first to dance to a song before it hit mainstream.

Photography by Lewis Mirrett

5. The most recent fashion shift, iPads are now essential fashion week accessories, with virtually every editor using their iPad to snap larger photos during the shows, and later at showrooms. iPads are being used so much that fellow editors have complained that their shapes are blocking the view of the models!

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