Beyoncé Is Facing Backlash for Sending Racks of Clothes to Celebrities

But we should probs give her some slack

(Photos: Getty Images; Unsplash; Instagram/@weareivypark)
(Photos: Getty Images; Unsplash; Instagram/@weareivypark)

Beyoncé has spoken, and 2020 is the year of athleisure. Specifically, it’s the year of Beyoncé’s Ivy Park collab with Adidas. The latest drop from the singer’s athleisure-wear brand is set to land January 18–and friends, it looks good.

As in, legit amazing.

In anticipation of the launch, Bey has been doing God’s work and sending out entire wardrobes of her collection to adoring fans. The only issue? Those fans all happen to be über famous celebs. Since announcing the latest collab and launch date, Beyoncé has sent her new Ivy Park collection to stars like Janelle Monáe, Cardi B, Reese Witherspoon, Laverne Cox, Zendaya and Hailey Bieber. All of whom have been pictured out and about in or with the new merch.

Which is honestly a brilliant marketing ploy on Bey’s part—who appears to be pulling a Kanye circa YEEZY season 6 (when he had wife Kim Kardashian West rock the looks out and about, using paparazzi shots to promo the new line)—only better. Better because Beyoncé has Tina Knowles, the ultimate hype woman, on her side.

While these ladies are obvi thrilled with their gifts, some people who are not-so-thrilled? The Beyhive. Since these videos started rolling in, queen Bey has been in hot water with some fans on social media, who are questioning why the fashion guru is choosing to send her new swag to famous people when she could be sending it to…well, them.

And listen, I do understand the criticism from fans. These celebs are already über rich, own the best clothes and could 100% afford to buy out Bey’s upcoming collection ten times over. I too would love to receive free clothes from the queen of music herself, but folks, it’s never actually going to happen. Because there’s a few reasons why Bey can’t give her precious threads away to us mere plebes.

Beyoncé’s rich, but not that rich

It comes as no surprise to find out that Beyoncé is rich. And we say rich, we mean she’s rich rich. As of 2019, Forbes put the singer’s personal net-worth at $400 million—which is no chump change. And with her hand in the music, fashion and movie worlds, she’ll probs be continuing to rake in some serious money for many years to come.

But regardless of her personal wealth, it’s safe to say that queen Bey probs still couldn’t afford to outfit the entirety of the Beyhive in Ivy Park gear (I mean, that’s more like Kylie Jenner level money). A lady has to eat! Not to mention feed and clothe her own family. In the big scheme of things,  a couple hundred thousand dollar hit in order to outfit some of the biggest celeb names, all in the name of promotion, isn’t a big deal for the self-made millionaire; but the probable MILLIONS it would take to outfit her fanbase…that $$ could definitely go towards Blue Ivy’s college fund.

Plus, she’s a businesswoman

Bey is many things: a talented performer (like, across the board), a super talented designer and fashionista and a hardworking mom (to name only a few of her impressive accomplishments). Another thing she is: a boss ass businesswoman. She pretty much has created and marketed herself as an empire—and that’s not an accident. Mrs. Carter is known for being the queen of controlling narratives; and has a heavy hand in legit everything she’s involved with. She’s a self-proclaimed perfectionist—who is able to make all of her decisions profitable (as well as influential). This is the same woman who gave us #Beychella—a gift in itself—only to then drop the other foot and reveal that tied to her Coachella performances was Homecoming, an in-depth documentary that showcased the lead up to her iconic performances and has become pretty much a cultural touchstone.

Beyoncé know what she’s doing. Which is why we shouldn’t be surprised that she’s sending Ivy Park gear out to some of the most buzzy and influential female celebs right now.

As much as I’d love to think of myself as influential, the truth is that I—and the rest of us mere plebes in the Beyhive—don’t carry as much clout as any of the women graced with Ivy Park merch.

I mean, you can’t get better advertising than Yara Shahidi—an actual angel—flouncing around NYC, skin glowing to the heavens, looks like a pure snack in her monochrome Ivy Park fit.

And seriously, find me a production team that’ll put together something cuter than Reese Witherspoon doing an unboxing and try-on with her mom. You can’t! This production value and adorableness is off the charts!

I seriously want to buy everything in this collection.

And, she knows that no matter what—we’re going to buy it

Which is exactly the point. Regardless of how salty we may be about Bey helping the rich *stay* rich by sending them free stuff they could obviously afford, the fact is that, come January 18, we all know that we’ll be logging on to the internet and buying the shit out of that line. We. Cannot. Quit. Her!!

We love our queen, no matter how much we may feel shaded by our lack of free Ivy Park swag. We’ll still support her and pretty much all of her endeavours. Because it’s Beyoncé. And because outfitting these ladies had had its desired effect—promoting the line. In the infamous words of Bey: “You know you that bitch when you cause all this conversation.” And if anything, we’re definitely all talking about it.

Plus, seeing all these badass ladies style and rock their clothes has only made me *more* excited to make my purchase come launch day. Maybe I too can have as much charisma, style and grace as Zendaya if I rock a burgundy and orange jumpsuit; perhaps all it’ll take to launch my life from pretty OK to Yara Shahidi level is that one pair of Ivy Park kicks. Or maybe, I’ll just look like my usual self and nothing will really change. Either way, I’m for it.

So, this’ll be me on launch day:

And until then:

My people will be in touch.